Adoption Update

Romeo (aka Fatt) almost didn’t make it out of Columbus Animal Care and Control alive, he was an Owner Surrender who caught an upper respiratory infection just before the weekend. Well here he is, enjoying the morning sun on a beautiful Thanksgiving day.

His owner had this to say about him, “He and Callie, as my son says, “are joined at the hip”. He’s a little stinker too though. He always picks on my Hazel. She’s terrified of them both which makes me sad because she’s the sweetest of all of them. So timid. Callie has become so sweet since she has a “boy friend” now. They play all day and then get really crazy at night.”

Big thanks to everybody involved is rescueing this handsome boy!

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  • Most of the time upper respiratory problems are not an emergency and can be treated at home or by a family physician outside the emergency room.

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