Animals are GROSS!

A recent status update from a friend (and subsequent comments) reminded me of how gross our animals are. And mine are no exception.

We were living in our last apartment, I was sitting on one couch, with it’s back to the wall, while one of our cats, Cash, was laying upright (sphynxe style) in the middle of the back-part of our other couch (they came together to form a 90 dregree angle, the couch Cash was sitting on was not up against any wall) when I heard that dreaded sound that any cat owner would recognize, the sound of a cat that’s about to vomit.

Just as I look over, Cash is pukes down the back of the couch. So I get up to assess the damage, I look over the couch and laying on the ground behind it was Ramsey! His back covered in cat puke!

I hesitated, because Ramsey is one of those Velcro-dogs - if I get up, Ramsey is sure to get up as well, thus spilling this nasty applesauce consistency regurgitation all over the carpet. While I’m considering my options, Ramsey decides to help me with the cleanup - he begins lapping up the cate puke like it’s his favorite dish! He cleaned it all up, and he loved every second of it.

What are some nasty things your pets do? Tell me about your disgusting dog, or your foul feline - I want to  hear from you!

2 Responses to “Animals are GROSS!

  • Let’s not forget how dogs just seem to LOVE cat poop!

  • Luckilly my giant dog can’t get to the cat poop, and I’m pretty sure that, as far as feces goes, Ramsey prefers his own!

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