Call to Action! Columbus, Georgia deserves a No Kill Community!

Columbus, Georgia’s Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, backed by PETA, has been resisting the community’s demands for changes at the municipal shelter, and rejected the No Kill Equation in favor of her own “solution” which has done nothing to reduce shelter killing. Instead, local rescue groups have stepped up and are the real reason more animals are making it out alive while the city fails to make any real changes.

The Mayor boasts about her Save a Pet plan, and what a difference it is making at Columbus Animal Care & Control (CACC). She credits HER program, and her program alone, for the decrease in kill rate, and she is simply incapable of aknowledging the citizens that had been networking, adopting, and rescuing the city’s pets months before the words “Save a Pet” were uttered in Columbus. Like a child, she refuses to aknowledge the truth, despite the indisputable facts that have been provided to us by her own city government. The turning point for Columbus’s pets was actually the creation of Happy Homes in August 2010, and the official organization of the nonprofit group, No Kill Columbus, GA in May 2011. Happy Homes now has over 5,300 supporters, all animals lovers dedicated to ending the killing of Columbus’ pets.

“Happy Homes may have made an impact, but NO WHERE near the impact that Save a Pet has indisputably made. It’s not even close.” – Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

She insists that the decreased kill rate has nothing to do with Happy Homes and everything to do with Save a Pet, but her claims can most easily be disputed with this graph, from March 2011, months before the launch of Save a Pet (which you can see in this article, was in September 2011). It would seem obvious, but saving animals seems obvious as well and the Mayor can’t seem to grasp that concept.

Just One Day
To most people, June 11 is Just One Day. But, June 11 is a day that could change everything for 10,411 companion animals, and a day that can change the world. On June 11, 2012, we could be a No Kill nation. No Kill Columbus has asked CACC Director, Drale Short, to take the pledge not to kill any savable animals on June 11, 2012. Instead of going into body bags and taken to the landfill, the animals will go out the front door in the loving arms of families. At the end of the day, the shelters will be emptier than when the day started and, no one will have had to die in order to make that happen. To help them succeed, the No Kill Advocacy Center, Animal Ark and Animal Wise Radio are teaming up to offer shelters the tools they need to be successful, including a model press release and promotion plan. We have a guide to adopting your way out of killing. We have adoption promotion posters. And so much more, all sent free of charge to those organizations that take the pledge.

No Kill Columbus asked Drale Short to take the pledge, and after multiple follow-up e-mails, she finally answered on May 18th. This is her response, in it’s entirety


Drale Short
Special Enforcement
Division Manager

All organizations that have taken the pledge can be seen at JustOneDay, and to date, Columbus Animal Care & Control has not taken any pledge.

An e-mail from a friend to Mayor Tomlinson, “I have sent emails to you and animal control asking if Columbus AC will take the pledge to stop killing for just one day June 11. No Kill Columbus got a response of “yes” from Director Short however she has still not signed up on the website and taken the pledge. Answering “yes” is simply not acceptable. The shelter must sign up on the website which has not happened. Saying you won’t kill is not the same as taking a pledge that you will not kill. So which one is it? Will they commit to the pledge to stop killing for just one day or not? The response she sent was in and of itself immature, so I do not expect anyone will be taking her at her word. You may want to get with Pat Biegler and see what she has in mind, they’ve already committed to it in writing, the email is there, so will this facility stand by it’s silly immature answer of yes and take the pledge or not? I’m including the link to the registration sheet. You may want to pass this along too. I hope you will consider making Ms. Short adhere to her word and stop the killing at least for JUST ONE DAY! That’s the very least you could do.”

The Mayor replied with, “Drale’s email is correct and sufficient and is all this Consolidated Government can or will do in this regard.

The games they play are only evidence to their reluctance to work with the animal loving community. Fortunately, the Mayor’s comments are also catching the attention of national No Kill advocates, including the wonderful folks at No Kill Nation, who have stepped in to help us…

They have issued this Call to Action!

In it, you can send the form letter provided to a list of city officials. Feel free to add your own (polite) comments before sending it off! Let’s show Mayor Tomlinson that Columbus deserves a No Kill Community, and that the only way to achieve it is by rigorously implementing the only programs and services that have ever created a No Kill Community!

Finally, I’d like to share this video that I made. Check it out for another look at some of the challenges we’ve been facing in Columbus, and also the amazing accomplishments that have been made in our fight for a No Kill Columbus!

3 Responses to “Call to Action! Columbus, Georgia deserves a No Kill Community!

  • Thank you Stefani. June 11th is also my birthday and I’m hopeful that for just one day they will put down the needle and pick up the phone or the camera, and at least try to save them. In the face of us asking for them to stop the killing they always answer with a resounding “NO”. Who the heck doesn’t want to save animals??? Makes no sense to me, especially if you have the community behind you asking you to. I hope election time comes very soon. She needs to be ousted. The people running the show down there are simply “doing their job”, nothing more, and will not go above and beyond to save them, they won’t even half-ass do the job they get paid for. So my question is “Why are they still there?”, Why won’this city hire competent people who genuinely want to see things change and get rid of the staff that refuse to do anything different than what they have always done and not a thing more???

  • I’ve sent my completed form. I have three dogs and all are rescues. I love them all and they love me back unconditionally. I just don’t understand how someone can do that job and KILL so many animals. It’s just awful and I want Columbus, GA to be a No-Kill fCility NOW! I may not live in Columbus, but I work there and have lots of family and friends that live there and VOTE!

  • Form completed and sent…with my on message to our city officials to stop the he said she said BS and just listen to what we, the citizens of Columbus are asking for. it’s the right thing to do!!!!!No Kill Columbus!!!!!

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