24th May 2012

Call to Action! Columbus, Georgia deserves a No Kill Community!

Columbus, Georgia’s Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, backed by PETA, has been resisting the community’s demands for changes at the municipal shelter, and rejected the No Kill Equation in favor of her...

05th May 2012

Georgia shelter wants to Save A Pet… but just one.

His photo was on the Columbus Animal Care & Control website as ADOPTED, but this beautiful pit bull mix is not living happily in his new home. Instead, his body...

27th Apr 2012

Too busy killing them, to worry about finding them homes.

Isn’t this just the cutest little free-spirited dog? He looks like some kind of jack russel mix, with sort of a longer snout, maybe a young adult, I don’t know,...

03rd Jan 2012
March 2010 vs

“Spay or Pay” or another reason to kill?

I guess I have to start this one by calling the Mayor out. Again and again, she claims that the Save-A-Pet Program is responsible for the city’s 300% increase in...

Lovely Lilly

Saturday, November 19, 2011. When Columbus Animal Care & Control (CACC) opened this morning, I was ready to help Sara with Antevasin Photography, capture some fantastical pet photos to grab...

Thanks for the Kuranda bed donations… but we won’t be using them.

Kuranda beds are the gold standard of dog bedding in shelters, they not only provide off-the-floor comfort, but as stated on their website, “The Kuranda dog bed is vet recommended...

26th Oct 2011
Do you and yours know whats really going on?

Do you and yours know whats really going on?

“Hi Stefani, Wanted to share some info my husband received via email from our Deputy city manager(Lisa Goodwin)… My husband e-mailed her today and inquired about the “save a pet”...

17th Oct 2011
A volunteer gets a helping hand while making signs for our Off-Site Adoption Event!

Recent Transpirings

There have been a lot of changes happening at Columbus Animal Care & Control. There was quite an uproar after my last two blogs (which can be read here and...

05th Oct 2011
These healthy kittens were Owner Surrendered Oct. 3rd, KILLED Oct. 4th, 2011.

And the killing continues

Another letter from a life-saving citizen, sent to both Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, and the city’s contracted veterinarian, Dr. Susie Seward, DVM. Hello my name is _____, I am a foster...

27th Sep 2011
It’s time for the gloves to come off.

It’s time for the gloves to come off.

Things are getting ugly in Columbus, Georgia. I wanted to share this conversation I had with a friend. She sent me the following message… “I am becoming concerned about the...