Columbus Mayor Tomlinson says to stop killing would be harmful to animals!

Last night, WRBL aired the investigative report (seen below), asking the question, is Columbus up to the No Kill challenge?

They did a great job with this article, which CLEARLY shows how our city officials feel about what it is that we’re asking. This has been a great peek into the future of columbus’ pets, and it isnt looking too bright… but we can all either sit back and let them continue to simply “get by” and allow them to think that what they’re doing is right, or we can let them know how we feel.

 “I [Mayor Tomlinson] struggle with why we’re having such strong criticism from such a small group of folks, when there are so many other communities that are so far behind us, where their efforts and passions might be better directed.

She adds that in a perfect world, Columbus Animal Care and Control would not put any animals down, but stresses not only is it virtually impossible, but has also been proven to actually be harmful to animals.”

HARMFUL TO ANIMALS??? What I’m hearing from our Mayor is, “What we’re doing now is enough”, “Direct your efforts elsewhere”, “Killing like this is neccessary” and basically “They’re better off dead”. Because Columbus Animal Control is an open-door facility – they take in any and all animals - she’s telling us that not killing them will lead to hoarding/warehousing, basically, “They don’t belong in a cage, that’s why we kill them and throw them in the landfill instead”. This is not an original concept, defenders of the status quo often try to throw in the hoarding card, which has been debunked by Nathan Winograd, who developed the No Kill Equation and whose book, REDEMPTION, is a MUST READ for every animal advocate, rescuer, or animal lover dedicated to saving lives.

From Winograd’s organization, the No Kill Advocacy Center, the above document explains… “No Kill doesn’t mean announcing a policy change and then getting bogged down with animals because you do not have the programs to keep animals moving through the system and into loving homes. No Kill means comprehensive implementation of the US No Kill Declaration which includes adoption, foster care, transfer to rescue groups, pet retention programs, spay/neuter, and helping people overcome medical, behavior and environmental conditions, which may cause people to relinquish their animals. Doing so eliminates the problem of “overcrowding”, unreasonably feared by sincere animal lovers and unfairly painted by cynical proponents of the status quo.”

In the long run, her comments will only speed the process, this entire article shows how little our city officials know about No Kill, and its time for Colmbus residents educate them and urge them to make some life-saving decisions (implementing the No Kill Equation) that will represent you, their contituents! Learn about your City Council Members, get their addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses at the No Kill Columbus website.

Call their offices, ask to sit down and talk to them, go down to Animal Control and ask those questions that need to be asked, BE LOUD and BE PERSISTANT, and dont take no for an answer! Let others know what you hear, too, information is key and they will not release it easily. That alone is reason enough to demand to know what the hell is going on that gives them the right to deny those animals their right to live, especially with us asking, BEGGING to save them.

This “small group of people” is not as small as you think it is, Mayor Tomlinson.  This city is capable of more than she’s giving us credit for, it’s the adopters and rescuers that have stepped up and made a difference in the past year, but she’s too busy taking all the credit herself, patting herself on the back for her incredible Save A Pet Program…

Why do they continue to refuse to implement the No Kill Equation? The No Kill Equation is the one and only system that has ever worked in producing a 90% or more save rate, and yet Columbus is so astoundingly progressive that they have come up with something better – the Save A Pet Program. It’s been SIX MONTHS since the launch of the Save-A-Pet Program, and in just this past week alone, a Rottie and Chihuahua (a peculiar pair), both microchipped, sat at Animal Control for days. Their owners were AT Animal Control and left a description of their two missing dogs, but when the dogs came in together, they went unscanned and the owners were never contacted. Luckilly, is was a good samaritan that called the owners (who posted a lost pet ad on Craigslist) and told them their dogs were there at Animal Control. One lab mix, Lexie, had an adopter that left messages saying she would be there the next morning, but Lexie was still killed because the staff failed to check their messages (Read more about that at Meg’s No Kill Columbus blog)!

When the Mayor was contacted about Lexie, this was her response “This is a lie, or some one will be fired. We have a very strict policies that all email, voicemail and FB contacts are to be checked. We take this very seriously, so know that you will be contacted for an interview.”

And that, the Save A Pet program, is better for the animals than the No Kill Equation, Really? Why do they still refuse? Are they not smart enough? Do they lack the ambition? Is it because they dont WANT to save them all? Surely that cant be… but that is what they’re saying. They want to “save A pet”, and we want to save them ALL!

Here are just some of the comments from the Happy Homes facebook page…

“Yep, killing them isn’t harmful at all. What an idiot! What the heck was that about “such a small group of folks”?! I don’t think this classifies as a “small group of folks”! She really is truly insane!”

“It looks like it’s time to bombard city officials with how we really feel and get the message across.  These animals aren’t something to be tossed aside like a piece of garbage.  Show the mayor, show the city councilmen, show our state representatives just how small a group of caring people we really are!  A No-Kill Columbus Community is highly achievable and these animals deserve the chance to have a wonderful life!”

“I guess the combined supporters of HH and NK Columbus, which totals to about 6,000 likes on facebook, is a “small group of folks”….”

“The actions that are taking place within  Animal Control these days are truly horrific and scary for animal lovers locally … I am an animal lover with cats and dogs and it worries me that if one of my own were to be picked up if they woul…d have a chance in hell … I see the reports of pet owners who’s pets were microchipped but they were never scanned by animal control … the terrible outcomes for so many of them that find themselves there … even for the young and healthy …truly a sad day!” 

“Who was the idiot babbling about the duty of animal control is to keep scary animals off the street? Like the scary kittens I adopted? Yes, everyone could sleep better with those kittens behind bars. Yikes.”

“That’s bull crap, change does happen over night, u close the doors  as a high kill “animal control” and the next day u open as a NO KILL SHELTER! Seems pretty easy to me …”

“All our new  to the area citizens might not know where to look…..Our city officials  don’t mind them spending their money in our city and paying taxes helping our economy, why can’t we give a little back to them, oh by just doing the right thing! Do we need to maybe hire new employees at AC who actually give flip about getting these animals back to the right owners? This makes me so angry. There is no excuse for this. I hope our Mayor and City Officials give a flip about all the in coming citizens! I guess we will see….don’t continue to embarrass our city like this!”

“I’m glad I don’t live in Columbus and have to call her MY mayor.. BC I would move!!!! If u want to whine and cannot handle the CRITICISM then u should quit and should have never run for mayor in the first place!!!”

5 Responses to “Columbus Mayor Tomlinson says to stop killing would be harmful to animals!

  • Like they say in the old country, “idiotka”.

  • Thank you again Stef for taking the words right out of my mouth and showing again that the Mayor has no idea what the No Kill Equation is or how it works. She has shown her ignorance and her unwillingness to save lives over and over again and it is simply inexcusable! The Save A Pet Program is a complete joke, and has changed nohting in the way of their day to day business as usual. They are still killing healthy adoptable pets, the trap, neuter release program for feral cats has not moved forward a single step, there is no info being gathered from owners surrendering their pets, there is no program in place ot help with education and pet retention, they have done NOTHING and it’s simply not good enough for them to get on the news and talk like they have. We will continue to call them out every chance we get until they change something and they keep their word. They aren’t even implementing the steps in THEIR OWN PROGRAM! Animals are still not being scanned on intake, owners are not being contacted if their animal comes in, and basic info on a surrendered pet is not being gathered. These are no just part of the No Kill Equation but part of THEIR OWN PROGRAM!

  • Thanks so much for what you do. The Mayor and those who run animal control simply don’t want to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done to make Columbus a No Kill community. They’d rather waste their time and energy spewing rhetoric to the public.

  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has- Margaret Mead

  • Well, then if she is so compasionate, the same problems are affecting humans, therefore, let’s just kill them, they are better off, according to her. This person is brain damaged, she should be institutionalized, or perhaps she would be better off dead.

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