Animals & Art, support local artists and rescue efforts at my final hoorah!

I’m in the process of packing up my life from the past 3 years, and getting ready to make the cross-country trip back home to California. Both my husband and I were born and raised in the SF Bay Area and now’s the time for us to get back home

to our families. But, before I leave, there is one last event that I hope you all can attend to see me off. It is SHIFT – an Animal Rescue Benefit Art Show, featuring work by Gina Langston Brewer, David Grimes, and of course, yours truly! The event will be this coming Thursday, the 23rd starting at 6pm, and we invite you to celebrate both the GRAND OPENING of Gina and David’s studio thirty2eleven, and of course my move back home. (Click image for facebook Event Invite)

This will be my last chance to see all my Georgia animal loving friends and cohorts before we drive away the following Monday. It only makes sense that it is an Animal Rescue Benefit! There will be animals available for adoption, including my very own Animal Ark foster, Delores, who was just cleared from her heartworm treatment and is now available for adoption!

My own artwork will include Paw Print Paintings, where colorful dog and cat paw prints fill the canvas and a portion of the proceeds from all animal inspired art will go toward Animal Rescue, as well as all money raised from Raffle Sales. We will be drawing raffle winners on the hour, every hour, with a Grand Prize around 9pm. Prizes include a Pet Photo Session w/ a free 8×10 print, Gift Certificates, and more!

This is a very kid-friendly event. Both other artists have children under 5, and there will be face-painting and crafts for the kids so that parents can have a chance to check out the art, which will vary in style and range in price from $10 and up. There will be plenty of smaller pieces for those on a budget, but also large pieces to really add some color and life to a room!

Keep your eyes peeled for our event fliers, and keep your radio on - I’ll be sitting down with Brian Waters with PMB Broadcasting on Monday to chat about the event! I hope to see you all there!

2 Responses to “Animals & Art, support local artists and rescue efforts at my final hoorah!

  • I really hate to see you go. Without you, No Kill Columbus Ga might never have begun here. Thank you. I hope No Kill is in good hands and will move forward toward everyone’s goal. Good luck on your going home!

  • I just saw on the news WRBL 3 Monday at 11pm , a special on No Kill Columbus.
    I might be able to make it for a short visit that day.I live about an hour away. I know exactly where Howard Ave is located. I housesit for a friend. In fact last April I was there while they went on their honeymoon. If you have ever seen a beautiful Doberman and a medium size mixed breed, they is the ones.
    Just about every time I was staying there and walking the dogs, we were approached by a stray or someones dog running loose. How can people be so lazy and not get off their bums and take the dog for a walk?

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