Smooth sailing, taken for granted!

I’ve driven a lot of dogs around in a lot of vehicles, and I will never again take all those perfectly content and well-behaved dogs for granted. My poor Ramsey just does not GET riding in a car. Sure he’s gianormous, but I drive a Ford Explorer (two-door) – it’s an SUV so there’s plenty of space for him. And he loves getting into the car, he get’s all worked up about it, and I have to give him a firm “WAIT” or he’ll try to push past me getting in. I know he enjoys getting out of the house and meeting new people, and getting loved on wherever he goes, but during the car ride getting ANYWHERE he get’s so anxious. He can be really difficult to drive with, not to mention a major distraction, and I’ve tried everything.

 I tried putting him in the very back area, even with a high-value bone or toy to keep him occupied (but that just scares me thinking about it lodging in his throat so I quickly abandoned that idea) but he’ll still end up whining and BARKING incessantly, spinning in circles (very unhealthy behavior). I’ve put the seat down, giving him all the space behind the driver and passenger seats, but then he just whines or barks right in my ear, or he flails about - it’s really unsafe, not to mention totally ANNOYING! What I do now is put him in the back seat (which seems to be the least problematic). Thing is, he won’t just lay down or sit still, but he moves around falling all over the place and when he’s facing forward and I am able to get him to “sit”, his little nubby-nub of a tail prevents him from sitting completely when it gets stuck on top of the middle of the back seat so his butt-hole is practically all up in between the head-rests (good thing I never sit back there!).

Today on our way back from a friends house, where Ramsey get’s to play with his buddy, Debo, my husband and I took Ramsey through the BK drive-thru and we discovered the key… FRENCH FRIES! I pulled out a french fry to start eating, and I had Ramseys complete and undivided attention! He sat perfectly still the rest of the way home, he made not a peep, and did not take his eyes off my french fries…

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