Columbus residents up in arms over injustice at Animal Control *FREE ELIJAH*

This is an URGENT PLEA for a dog named Elijah who is being held captive in a Georgia “shelter”. Please visit the Free Elijah facebook page and after reading his story, please sign the petition at the bottom of the page. Join us in a fight for his life. Elijah is, first of all, a living breathing creature with a soul. There are people who have forgotten this.

This is what Elijah, then simply Tag #10, when he was impounded (from 10th Ave. on Tuesday, Feb. 7) the first time.

Elijah was nursed back to life once after being rescued from Columbus Animal Care & Control in by Animal Ark Rescue, and now the city is refusing every attempt from the rescue to reclaim him, as if they are determined to see him die.

He is an extremely fragile pit bull, in need of immediate medical attention, and is currently being held at Columbus Animal Care & Control. The city will not release any information on his well being, but I strongly suspect, as with every other animal in their care, he is receiving no medical attention.
Again, this isn’t just any dog, this is Elijah. This is a dog that we have been watching from the very beginning on Happy Homes, a dog we have all come to know and love. We watched as he sat in pain for five days, with no medical attention, the first time he was at Animal Care & Control (ACC). On that occasion, he escaped with his life – just barely.
On February 9th, Animal Ark Rescue saved him. He was taken away to a place where people cared about him, to 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital where he received the care that he needed. Elijah weighed 36 lbs, he was skin and bones and already in liver and kidney failure. He had the very lowest body condition score of “1″ (on a scale of 1-9) and still needs months of rehabilitation. Animal Ark kept us all up to date on his progress, sharing photos and notes about his improvement, enabling animal lovers across the country to fall in love with him.
The entire city of Columbus rallied behind Elijah. WLTZ released a short article about Elijah, people donated the funds for his care, and families prayed for him. Elijah recieved an immediate blood transfusion under the care of Animal Ark at 2nd Ave Animal Hospital, and was placed in a foster home to continue his recovery.
Elijah recieved a blood transfusion under the care of Animal Ark at 2nd Ave Animal Hospital

On February 29th, Animal Ark released him into the care of an adopter who had one resident dog, a beagle. This person had visited with Elijah multiple times throughout his care, bringing him treats and toys, and approached Animal Ark about providing him with a permanent home. They agreed to take Elijah home, under the conditions that they would bring Elijah back to 2nd Ave for his weekly exams, which Animal Ark would continue to pay for. The idea was that instead of moving Elijah from home to home, he could form a deep bond while recovering in what would be his forever home. Animal Ark even waived his adoption fee, wanting only for Elijah to be placed in a good home.

In less than twenty-four hours later, on the first day of March, Elijah was back at Columbus Animal Care & Control, where he remains to this day, the 23rd of March, OVER THREE WEEKS later. A call to the city veterinarian confirmed that they can not release any information about Elijah, so there he sits in isolation, likely with no medical attention once again. The details of his impoundment will be presented below, as they were presented to the Animal Advisory Board in an effort to stop them from killing Elijah.

Again, Elijah is a living breathing soul. He was NOT fully recovered at the time of impoundment and has not been receiving the care he so obviously needs – for OVER THREE WEEKS he has been languishing at Columbus Animal Care & Control. We can only imagine what his health is like, if he is in fact alive. Staff will not allow anybody to see him.


You will never get him back
“The local animal advisory board refuses to release Elijah to Animal Ark Rescue [...] I am scared to imagine what condition he is in now. I am pleading for Elijah’s release, so he has the chance for redemption in a secure environment.  Elijah trusted me and this is an injustice to be forced to give up on him now.”

On March 22nd, in a blantantly arrogant comment on her facebook page, Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said “Elijah will be going to a treatment facility thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our ACCC and our Animal advisory Committee. We are fortunate to have such a compassionate Director, staff and Advisors!”. It was the compassionate director, Drale Short, that told the Animal Ark, and I quote, “You will never get Elijah back”. It was the animal advisory committee that made the determination to refuse Animal Ark access, and to kill Elijah if placement can not be found for him. This comment from the Columbus Mayor flaunts her complete lack of respect for her own constituants (who all know better, and tell her so often), and the rescues that fight to save her city’s pets.

What really happened that day?
We may never know for sure. These excerpts are either from notes taken by Animal Ark, or posts and comments taken directly from Free Elijah, Happy Homes, and other facebook pages.

  • Elijah’s adopter made a phone call to the rescue, and spoke to a receptionist. She sounded winded and stated, “I need [president of Animal Ark], it’s about her dog, what’s the number to 2nd Ave vet” then she hung up and was unreachable. A call to 2nd Ave immediately after confirmed that the adopter did not call the vet hospital.
  • The adopter finally returned Animal Ark’s calls, claiming that Elijah attacked her dog in the laundry room, and that her neighbor had to come rescue her because she got bit and Elijah and her dog were on top of her in the yard and that her dog has to go to the vet. She said Elijah HAS TO GO, and that she didn’t want to call Animal Control but her neighbors made her, and that Animal Control made her sign him over to them.”
  • In a third phone call, she changed her story, saying now thatElijah attacked her. She said he is not hurt but her dog is, and that Animal Control told her that he has no wounds and that the blood on him belonged to her.
  • After being impounded the second time, Animal Ark asked to see Elijah. “Elijah has bite marks on his face, ears and up and down his legs.”
  • The other dog in the home was not impounded and remains in the adopter’s custody. Because she says it was Elijah that bit her, he was the one that was impounded.
  • According to the neighbor, who answered her phone when Animal Ark called to check on her, the adopter was treated for puncture wounds at Acute Care.
  • The neighbor posted this to their facebook page “They started fighting in the house and she was able to get them outside and then she for pinned in the ground (sic) up against the door with the pit and beagle on top of her.”
  • Understandably considering his condition, Elijah does have some food-guarding issues with other dogs, not people. From Free Elijah, “the adopter was given clear instructions on how to introduce Elijah with her dog so nothing like this would happen. She was also told how not to feed them together, b/c of food aggression precautions.”
  • From another witness “it was the foster that told her in front of me that Elijah can not be fed together with other dogs” and “She talked about food guarding during the adoption and how no other dog could be near to sniff it.”
  • However, Elijah’s foster said, after speaking to the adopter, “according to her [the adopter], she was not told of his aggression until I told her.” It is unclear whether the foster is referring to when she talked to the adopter at the time of the adoption, or over the phone after the incident.

It is my own assumption that within 24 hours of bringing Elijah into her home, territory belonging to her resident dog, and despite being warned about food aggression issues, a dog fight broke out. I believe that Elijah did not in fact “attack” her, but that she may have then tried to break up the fight, resulting in a dog redirecting toward her and biting her. The dogs continued to fight, and while I can not confirm whether or not her dog received any injuries, Elijah did. It is very unlikely, given his emaciated state, that he would “attack” her unprovoked.

With his adopter claiming that Elijah bit her, he would need to be placed on a 10-day bite quarantine. When the Animal Control officer arrived on the scene, Elijah’s adopter chose to relinquish ownership of Elijah to Animal Control, and in that moment he became the property of the city of Columbus. He would serve out his quarantine period at Animal Control, and would be killed. After some conversation about the Animal Control decision, they agree on a hearing to repeal the city’s decision to kill him, which bought him some time.

The verdict is in, but the decision was made long ago.
The Animal Advisory Committee met for a hearing on March 20th. They hardly took Animal Arks rebuttle into consideration, and are still refusing to release him. The city has deemed him a “potentially dangerous dog”, and it is obvious that they had made that decision well in advance.

A full definition of what constitutes a potentially dangerous dog can be found here, under Article 2, subsection 4-8-21, it states that a “Potentially dangerous dog” means any dog that without provocation bites a human being on public or private property. From Free Elijah, “Elijah did not attack, he was attacked by another animal and defended himself. That is not “without provocation”. He was provoked to defend himself, but yet he is suffering the consequences. The other animal in question was not held in quarantine, the owner has not been fined. Elijah is the victim.”.

From Animal Ark, on March 6, 2012, well before the hearing to determine the outcome of Elijah’s life, “I’m in Drale’s office when she tells me that I will never get Elijah back and that he will be euthanized.” Any rebuttle is futile, but Animal Ark presents their case regardless.

These are some of the items presented to the Animal Advisory Board:

  • Transcripts from the owner’s changing story, first that Elijah attacked her dog, then that Elijah attacked her.
  • Photos showing the treatment he had been given while in the care of Animal Ark
  • Dr. LeFranc DVM at 2nd Ave Animal Hospital conveyed his opposition to Elijah’s dangerous dog classification.
  • At the hearing, the Animal Control Officer dispatched to the scene testified on Elijah’s behalf. From Free Elijah, the ACO “stated that he [Elijah] was very docile, calm, and non-aggressive when he picked him up, took him in, and there has been NO instance of aggression while he has been there 22 days.”

Animal Ark offered to sign some sort of “potentially dangerous” paperwork in order to save his life, and even offered to make Elijah a permanent fixture in the rescue, to never be adopted again, but they were refused. Just this week, Animal Control released another dog from bite quarantine that bit a child. What makes Elijah’s case so different, that would condemn him?

Their decision suggests a deep-seeded effort by the city to retaliate against their involvement in the ever-growing No Kill Movement. That argument has been presented in a follow-up blog. For now, we will keep the attention on Elijah, and getting him to safety, for his days are numbered.

What now?
“They say that they are trying to facilitate for him to go to Best Friends rescue in Utah, as this was the recommendation from the owner. She is very adament to not have him go to Animal Ark. They have given a deadline of next week to faciliate this transfer, and if not, he will be euthanzied.”

First of all, since WHEN does an owner that has relinquished ownership of an animal to the city, have ANY say whatsoever on the outcome of that dog? They relinquish all rights when they sign that animal over to the city.

I called Best Friends in Utah regarding placing an animal in their care. While I did not speak with anybody directly, I learned that “Aggressive animals, especially dogs that pose a risk to other dogs, need to be housed individually. There is very limited individual housing for dogs at Best Friends, therefore, we are unable to accomodate most requests involving dog-aggressive dogs”, so what is the “treatment facility” that Mayor Tomlinson if referring to?

I have no doubt in my mind that the city employee’s have no problem sending Elijah to another kill-facility, if not the Mayor’s friends at PETA. As one citizen commented on facebook, “Can we trust the Mayors or ACC word? With everything that has happened in the past I do not believe a word our Mayor says. I, for one want to see pictures of Elijah in his current stage , pictures of him going to Utah better yet why not have our local tv station do a story on Elijah on his journey to his new destiny.”

I would not put it past our city leaders to send him off to the folks at PETA to be killed, after all that is what they do best. We know that PETA supports the Mayors stance against No Kill, they wrote her a letter telling her so. We know that PETA will take ANY animal, no matter what condition they are in, and we know that PETA kills 95% of the animals they take. Instead of releasing Elijah back into the care of the people that have nursed him back to life, who have shown him love and compassion, and who have shed tears watching him regain strength enough to wag his tail, the city presents two options. Either he is released to some “treatment facility” which they will not elaborate on further, or he will be killed.

The entire situation is so brazenly unjust. The city of Columbus needs to be held accountable, they need to start answering for their actions. If Elijah is killed, or if he dies in their care while a licensed Georgia rescue (incidentally, with a flawless inspection from the Department of Agriculture) was willing and able to save him, they will experience a public backlash that they have never seen before.

Help Free Elijah
Share this blog and the others to follow. Check back for related blogs and articles from other pet advocates, which will be added to the bottom of this one. Talk to people about what is happening in Columbus, Georgia. Elijah has seen so little compassion in his short life, he deserves so much more than this. As long as he survives, there is hope. He has a soul, unlike those people in charge of his fate, and he does not deserve to die simply because he was saved by a rescue that is bringing to light certain things that city officials wish to remain concealed from public scrutiny. Animal Ark Rescue stands tall and speaks loudly for the welfare of Columbus’ animals, and this is direct retaliation.

Sign the Free Elijah Petition. Help Free Elijah.


Here is a fairly comprehensive list of emails for the mayor, city management, city council, news stations, folks at the Ledger Enquirer and the Atlanta Journal & Consitution. Feel free to use any of them you’d like to express your displeasure with the current state of affairs at Animal Control and within the Mayor’s office.

***UPDATED as of 04/01/2012***

In another follow up blog referring to the article below, Columbus Mayor Tomlinson falsely claims that Georgia Humane Society supports her stance AGAINST No Kill efforts, declares “Pit bulls are very aggressive”, and mindlessly echos her pals at PETA, saying No Kill is “not in the animals best interest”. Check out Georgia Mayor ignorantly declares “Pit bulls are very aggressive” in local paper.

3/29/2012 – A disappointment to many, the Ledger-Enquirer released article, “Animal rights activists attack city over pit bull Elijah”

And shortly after, WTVM releases this segment,

***UPDATED as of 03/29/2012***

Elijah’s supporters are utilizing social media networks to share his story nationwide. Only days after the FREE ELIJAH facebook page was created, they have almost 1,200 “likes” (and growing) and have gained support from across the country. Happy Homes and their 5,000 fans have helped his story spread like wildfire, as more and more animal lovers chime in to voice their concern. This blog has been shared on facebook pages like Animal Advocate – Georgia (reaching over 1,800 people, being shared 24 times), No Kill Revolution (reaching almost 15,000 people), and The Patrick Miracle (reaching over 127,000 people, resulting in 63 likes and 172 shares), to name just a few.

3/26/2012 – I wrote one follow-up blog, City Officials Refuse to Release Elijah to the Rescue that Saved His Life *FREE ELIJAH*, which addresses some of your comments and concerns, and also presents the argument that the city’s decision to keep Ellijah from Animal Ark is based solely on retaliation for recent No Kill efforts that have placed the Animal Control facility under the eye of public scrutiny.

3/27/2012 – Columbus’ Ledger-Enquirer released this article, “Saving Elijah. So just who are the radicals?”

3/28/2012 – Elijah’s plea has gained national attention! The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs released this article, about Elijah’s lack of medical attention. “Ernest Dempsey — Wounds bring pain, and untreated wounds can be deadly. This is what the Columbus Animal Control in Georgia needs to know and take seriously as they are holding captive a dog in need of urgent treatment but is not being taken to a vet for getting the same.”

3/29/2012 – The Ledger-Enquirer printed another Editorial, No Response, about the lack of coverage on the situation at Columbus Animal Control, by the local newspaper.

For one Columbus citizens emotionally charged rant on the issue, read Dear Mayor… I think you’re the vicious one!

In ^^Business as usual kill, kill, kill, thank you Save A Pet!^^, my friend Meg puts her two cents in on the Mayor, Animal Control, and their killing spree.

The Lexus Project was looking into the situation, but after Columbus’ Mayor Teresa Tomlinson made this comment on her facebook page, claiming that Elijah would be send to a “treatment facility”, the Lexus Project said “as of right now we have no reason to believe he is in danger and unless you have proof he is slated to die, tlp can not become involved”. Still, we remained insistent, pleading with them to consider the fact that city officials have lied time and time again. Then, Mayor later deleted her own comment from her facebook page, and it seemed as if The Lexus Project was back on board.

The Mayor responded to inquiries yesterday with “Elijah has been getting care and has been placed with a special treatment facility.” however, later comments reveal that Elijah had not yet been placed, begging the question, does that woman even have a CLUE as to what she is talking about???

From the Lexus Project, “His own vet is very concerned about his legs. We spoke to him today. If his legs go septic from not being treated, he could lose his legs, if not his life.”. They then shared that they were “just informed that our Vet was able to see Elijah today and he is fine.”

A WTVM reporter had been interviewing those involved in Elijah’s case, and said that there would be a story airing on the news… perhaps it was when they contacted the Mayor that they pulled the plug and said instead, “WTVM is monitoring Elijah’s story. We will not be covering it today.”. One person replied “I hope WTVM doesn’t let Mayor influence FREE SPEECH“, another with “What a shame that the city of Columbus’ government rules the media with such an iron fist!”

Columbus citizens are “tagging” their cars, to show their support for Elijah’s safe release.

112 Responses to “Columbus residents up in arms over injustice at Animal Control *FREE ELIJAH*

  • Please Free Elijah to a good home who will take good care of him forever.

  • A dog is not killed on first biting attack(if there was one) I was attacked and bitten,and went to court.The dog was put in a closed run,had special collar and a sign had to be put in their front yard…I have all the paperwork and will post (THEIR RULES)in the morning… Any Dog would be food aggressive when they have been starved!!!

  • Beautifully written with not only an emotional plea to reason but also the straight FACTS of this horrible case. After reading it, I definitely have a better idea of what has happened and what is going on currently. Petition signed and I definitely will be sharing it with friends and family.

  • This all makes me so sad! Things that make no sense make me angry! Has the news done a story on Elijah? <3

  • What is wrong with this picture, and why are these idiots allowed to get away with this?! If Elijah is euthanized, I promise to make it my lifelong duty to make sure that everyone in the US knows about Mayor Tomlinson’s attitude towards animal cruelty, and to make sure she is thrown out of office for her lack of compassion for a dying animal. Maybe the hospitals should refuse to help her when she’s in need and/or dying!!!

  • Do not trust these people when they say rhey will turn Elijah over to another facility- that is code for, I will say what I have to so you will stop calling- in the mean time take him in the back and kill him.

  • It seems apparent to everyone that the woman that brought Elijah into her home did not introduce the two dogs properly…She failed to follow the explicit directions the Animal Ark Rescue afforded her in regards to food aggression with Elijah. And I believe the Pit Bull “stigma” is what is turning this into a witch hunt. I also believe the woman’s own dog bit her and Elijah. This town and this City Council need to get over themselves..This dog needs immediate attention and help. Elijah needs to be released to Animal Ark and be with the people that love and want to care for him properly. This dog deserves a chance!!! Hasn’t he suffered enough?????? Politics shouldn’t get in the way of what the right thing is to do here!!!!!Release Elijah to Animal Ark!!!!!!

  • Why she dont want him to go to animal ark thats crazy look like a set up.

  • Free Elijah!!!

  • There reason for this sweet loving dog to be treated this way please help he just wants 2 be loved and safe he just want 2 be loved

  • This dog deserves to be with the people that love him and care about him. He was with the adopter 1 day!! She didn’t LOVE him or he wouldnt be where he is – she should have no say in his outcome. Elijah has been through ENOUGH!! Get him back to the people who rescued him, nourished him, brought him back to LIFE!!! ANIMAL ARK!! He belongs with them!!

  • The lady’s beagle had NO injuries, only 1 little scratch. She said it herself on her Fb page…Free Elijah!

  • Please free Elijah and release him to Aminal Ark!!!!!

    Jennifer from California

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  • This is just wrong.

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    - Andrea from California

  • What an injustice! Elijah certainly deserves better after fighting so hard to come back from the brink of death like he did. Shame on the city of Columbus and our mayor for acting this way. Petition has been signed and blog shared.

  • He deserves a chance after the comeback ,he did.Wow,take a look how in terrible shape he is was in,I hope he is well and not being deprived a full recovery,comeback and need s ,food ,water,shelter, would you like to be treated as this dog was and is now,he desrves to make a full comeback,be in a happy home,with people who love him.Free Elijah!! Free Elijah!!

  • This blog is well written and hits everything right on the nail. In my opion Drale Short and Mayor Tomlinson are doing this for one reason and one reason only. They want the “No Kill” gone from their city. They believe by killing Elijah their CITY will be as it was before. Mayor Tomlinson and ACC. Do the right thing for ONCE and release Elijah back to Animal Ark………

  • Free this animal to a good home!

  • I really hope that this doggie, who has a chance to live and people who are concerned for him, will be allowed to live. There is no reason ro allow the dog to suffer. Please, let the rescue folks have him back.

  • Muscogee County powers that be: Mayor Tomlinson and ACC … please show compassion and concern for Elijah’s health and welfare! Release him to Animal Ark Rescue promptly.

  • Never in the History of the Animal Advisory Board has a dog been sentenced to death. Never has the surrendering owner given a voice as what is to happen with the animal. Just this week a dog that bit a 3 year old child was released back into the home, and never has the Mayor been involved in a biting case! Someone please tell us what makes Elijah so special to the City? Oh, its because Animal Ark is affiliated with the No Kill Movement that the Mayor hates so much. So, to punish the people….you kill the dog! Nice move Madam Mayor, may you always be remembered for your stance against life and as a hindrance to the movement.

  • FREE ELIJAH!!! <3

  • This is an outrage! Did not help put the mayor in office. Free Elijah NOW!!!!

  • Free Elijah please

  • The Columbus city government will do just what they want to do, just like the rest of the government. Unfair or not, inhumane or not, they will act as though the dog was sent to Utah and wipe their hands of this. Sad? Yes. Expected? Definitely.

  • Seems the “adopter” put a Pit Bull and a Beagle into a laundry room together after just a day of having him. Brilliant move!!


  • Stories like this one always make me so angry and sad! There are too many sick and cruel people in this world who treat these dogs horribly and then want to say there’s something wrong with the animal. Poor Elijah! I’m sorry, but if I had been starved and suffered such neglect..I would be ready to fight over some food too! He was just trying to survive the only way he knew how! If that woman had handled the situation correctly, there would not have been an issue. And how can that mayor sleep at night?


  • please set this sweetheart free he hasnt done anything wrong but the people that starved him has broken the law so insted of punishing him let him start to live a wonderful life that he deserves please

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  • PLEASE HAVE THE RESCUE CONTACT THE LEXUS PROJECT asap! They have helped many dogs in similar situations, including Pit Bulls! PLEASE DO IT RIGHT AWAY! Please (the rescue) call them tomorrow!

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  • Please free this sweet angel, come on really the woman keeps changing her story, something more went down for the dogs to act out all of them, this I believe the foster person caused and she is the one that should be held accountable in this situation,she did not pay any attention to all the rules that was given about this poor dog, you go without eating and be as this as this poor baby and have someone jump on your food and see how you would react, she was told right from the get go of her food aggression and she did not do her job as a foster, so in this case I am sorry but this dog should not be locked up and the foster is the one that should be held accountable..

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    Thank you and God bless,

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  • Once again, the dog is paying the price for an irresponsible owner. Just a note to the author, though: There are many cities in the US named Columbus, so it would have been helpful to mention which state this happened in a bit earlier in the article, not near the very end. Just a suggestion.

    I just hope Elijah ends up in a GOOD home, where he’ll get the proper care & attention.

  • please free this precious dog. He has been through so much… he deserves a second chance at life!


  • What will it take for the world to understand that animals are not throw away pieces of garbage?? This story, like many others literally make me sick! Why can’t we do the right thing? My dogs mean the world to me, what is wrong with people? Free this suffering dog NOW.

  • Unfortunately, this type of thing happens all across the U.S.A. :( I have seen it first hand & not with just animal control…only those playing politics always won. I say screw politics. Do what is morally right & free this poor dog. Media seems to be the only way to get leverage. They don’t want their dirty secrets out. Nail these heartless people!

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  • Is there anyway to say the adopter’s actions broke her contract therefore technically the ownership rights at the time of surrender belonged to the rescue & not the “adopter”?

  • I hope Elija comes out of this alive and safe.

  • Or was there a clause in the contract stating if she no longer wanted the dog she must return him to the rescue?If not, I STRONGLY recommend it immediately be added to all future contracts.

  • Don’t punish the dog for being a specific breed, punish the owners of the few who are trained to be aggressive. As for the one’s like Elijah who’ve shown nothing but love, free them, allow them to live a happy and healthy life with owners who treat them like family.

  • what the hell happened to ‘humane’? cruel Bastards0

  • a nimals are just that. like huumans, will react when provoked,, thats all

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  • Obviously this woman does not do fostering very well. For a dog any dog who has been treated like Elijah has been one would expect some kind of fear or aggression in that animal. He is the one who has been abused and straved to the brink of death, he now needs the chance to live a good life like he deserves. This poor baby needs to be given back to Animal Ark and receive the medical attention that he so needs. FREE THIS LITTLE MAN!!!

  • This dog is only trying to survive. He’s been starved. What do you expect? Put this dog back in the hands of the people that cared for him and nursed him back to health. Not the city and state that think all animals should just be killed. You know, we should have that attitude about some people. I’d bet it would change these peooples’ minds who think “kill all the animal shelters” is a good idea. I’d take my dogs to any person I know. This article is a great example of why dogs are better than people. Look at this, all some of these people want to do is kill this poor dog. Speaks a lot for them doesn’t it?

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  • I cannot comprehend, it is the responsibility of Animal control to take care of these vulnerable creatures that often come from abusive and neglectful people. What kind of example is the city setting, how do you stop, educate the public that this is unacceptable! Shame on the city!

  • “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

    Please release Elijah to the custody of those that will give him the care and love that he richly deserves.

  • I absolutely believe that the beagle was at fault for the dispute. Beagle are very food defensive, and Elijah is the victim here. He should at least be given another chance. Hoe can a dog that has been thru so much abuse and now has found love and care of so many people be refused to be relinguished back to rescue? That is so inhumane! No justice here and it seriously looks bad the the town officials, esp. the major! Shame on them!

  • As much as I agree that the dog needs a chance and rehab, I do not feel that Animal Ark did the right thing to release him to someone they did obviously not know well enough. That is why I can understand the shelter’s reaction. I just hope that the situation is resolved in the best possible way for the dog and not for the egos of people.

  • While I don’t want to point fingers, I would question how in the world a Pit Bull could end up in a home with someone who seems to think it’s ok to put 2 dogs who hardly know each other in a room together. Are rescues that desperate, or naive, that they don’t screen adopters more thoroughly? Or educate them? THAT needs to be changed! I hope you learn from that and make changes in your adoption procedures!!!

  • This is so sad.. Elijah needs to be found a home with a RESPONSIBLE pitty lover, and be the only dog in the home. I’m not sure what this womens motives were for taking him in the first place but she obviously has no idea of how to deal with this situation.

    WHENEVER you introduce a new dog into ANY living situation you have got to monitor the crap out of them, you can not leave them alone in an enclosed room, with or without food present.

    I must, I say, find some blame with the rescue organization who released Elijah to her, she obviously has no experience in the field and should not have been given this dog. However, the bulk of the blame must go to the ‘rescuer’ who returned him to the hell he had been rescued from. A special sort of idiot right there.

    Let’s do right by this poor animal – get him the medical attention he needs and place him with a Pitbull Rescuer who understands the breed.

  • Someone, please help…he deserves a chance at life!

  • let him be free

  • I will never understand how a human can just stand by and watch an animal suffer. Some people have some serious head monsters! It’s a sick and sad situation. There need to be more laws againsts animal cruelty, especially with shelters.

  • Elijah just needs to be part of a family, he needs to feel loved ! Animals are just like humans!!!


  • Please release Elijah to the rescue that will care for him and make him whole again!!!!

  • Free this baby!!!!!!!

  • Please save Elijah!!

  • the only thing …out of control here…is animal control….what a laugh..the only thing you control…is your big ego….enough is enough!!!!what a sad world we live in…let this baby live!!!!…and go to the rescue who has always had the public and this lil dogs best interest at heart!!!……………..

  • Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is 100% biased & should have the ethics and good judgement to remove herself from decisions relative to Elijah, being as she is NOT able to separate her personal feelings from her professional responsibilities.

    It is blatantly obvious that the Mayor harbours a grudge against Animal Ark Rescue for disagreeing with her opposition to a “no kill” policy for shelter animals. The FACT that this exceptionally immature mayor has made it her personal business to see Elijah murdered, proves that she is a vindictive and hateful person, who lets her petty emotions rule her decision making.

    No authentic rational exists to refuse Elijah a permanent home with Animal Ark Rescue, as opposed to adopting him out or murdering him! The mayor’s flat refusal proves how shockingly juvenile she is in her judgement! She wants to kill Elijah to spite Animal Ark Rescue for having a different philosophy about no-kill. Given that the mayor possesses the maturity of a 10 year old and with the huge outcry by the public about her refusal to free Elijah, if she does not listen I am quite certain that her constituency will boot her clear out of office at re-election! She can then take her ball and go home and pout.

  • You SERIOUSLY need to get a grip America !! You can`t really get much lower than picking on defenceless animals !! LET ELIJAH GO !!

  • Please do not kill him as is is apparent that the adopter did not follow instructions that were given to her. Dont kill him because of someones ignorance. What is wrong with the mayor and shelter in this town

  • It sounds to me like there are a lot of idiots who do not seem to know what they are doing when it comes to this poor creature. Who in their right mind gave this dog to the adopter – it is clear the adopter had no clue what she was doing.
    Any rescue has special needs regardless of what breed it is. You are either committed to working with a rescue or you aren’t.
    Every human in Elijah life has failed him miserably and who is paying the price in the end? Elijah. When there is a rallying cry of this many people for an animal, then the idiots who have imprisoned Elijah need to wake up and listen.
    As for the mayor, the people can vote you out just as easily as they voted you in. Apparently the ‘power’ has gone to your head.
    Hasn’t Elijah suffered enough?

  • wild animals if left alone can take care of themselves. we domesticate animals, that makes us responsible for them and their behavior. the punishments for abusing animals are way to lenient.

  • The arrogance of Columbus Animal Care & Control and the current adminstration regarding the utilization of responsible rescue groups never fails to amaze. First, the good mayor tars all with the same brush claiming we are “radical” and “fringe” after which she proudly proclaims the compassion of ACC on her Facebook page with regards to this same dog. As a recent transplant to Columbus I was initially impressed with Tomlinson, but my esteem for her has decidedly abated and due solely to the issue of the treatment of the weakest in our society…domestic animals. How you treat the least says much about your character, morals, and humanity.

  • Elijah layed dying in the AC Facility before he was rescued. No compassionate staff came to his aid than! This is outrageous!

  • It seems that the incident is very sketchy in detail. Considering the overwhelming evidence that this is a docile animal who has been failed by some many, I honestly can’t understand why CACC doesn’t release him to a LOCAL rescue, even if it’s with the understanding that he may not be adopted out again. I have looked at the Happy Homes page on Facebook for several months and remember an incident where a dog bit its potential adopter at animal control. The city had to work around some issues, but ultimately, that dog was adopted by the person who was bitten. That was an instance where there was no doubt about the dog biting someone. Yet, the city appropriately decided not to kill the animal and acknowledged that it was likely the stress of being in that environment that prompted this bite.

    With that incident in mind, I struggle to understand why this case is being handled in a such a horribly different manner. The adopter isn’t really even sure who bit her, and the other dog was the aggressor and uninjured. So, there is FAR less evidence that Elijah has done anything to warrant a denial for release or a death sentence than the dog I mentioned earlier! So, why would the city of Columbus not follow the same process for this dog that was followed for the other dog who definitely bit someone? It’s clearly something that could be done but isn’t. While CACC and the mayor are using policy as an excuse for not releasing the animal, I too agree that is far more likely a case of retaliation toward Animal Ark for its outspokenness concerning No Kill and its disagreement with the mayor. As a result, this dog is being punished.

  • Please help to free this baby. It breaks my heart that some people can be so cruel.

  • i am appalled@ the horror this animal has gone thru. he doesn’t deserve this.I wish i had money to save him. I would in a heartbeat.That animal needs a lot of care,love and attention. I hope he’s still alive.

  • It is just amazing how there has become such a power struggle between the city representatives, including the Mayor, and the animal rescue folks. I am truly perplexed by what could possibly be the reason this has developed; there is little to no cooperation from the “officials”, and an almost vehement refusal to even communicate honestly and openly with almost anyone wishing to rescue companion animals from the “pound”.
    Maybe it’s an ego issue…you can’t tell us what to do, and if you try, WE WILL SHOW YOU WHO’S BOSS! Maybe there is some concern that this could become a giant suck-hole for city funds: if we start down this road, who knows where it might lead. Or perhaps it is because with transparency comes scrutiny, and the pound people know they would not stand up well if the public light were shined too brightly in their direction.
    Whatever the reason, it is a sin and an abomination to put Elijah in the middle of this power struggle, he deserves better than this, and anyone who is standing in his way for finally getting a loving home should be downright ashamed.

  • Do the right thing. Free this baby. Give him a chance!

  • I have read the story and I have read the comments. I would like to take the time to clear up a few things. I and my husband were one of the 6 neighbors who heard the adopter scream. Our home is next to the adopters home. When my husband heard the screams he was inside our home. He immediately went outside and tried to jump the privacy fence seperating the two homes. He then grabbed a chair and asked me to hold it. No success the chair broke. He thenb ran around the fence to the back of the home of the adopter. At that point a neighbor from behind the home of the adopter had also arrived on the scene. The adopter was on the ground against her back door with the two dogs on top fighting. My husband and the other neighbor were able to seperate the two dogs. I came into the backyard. I could see there was blood on the adopter. They separted the two dogs. I CALLED 911. 911 CALLED ANIMAL CONTROL. The adopter was still on the ground at this point. My 12 year old daughter ran and got another neighbor as we were not familiar with “Elijah”. 3 other neighbors came to the scene. One a nurse, she recommended that the adopter seek medical care. At that point the police, fire and EMS came. Adopter refused medical care from EMS. I stated I would take adopter to Urgent Care to be treated. Yes, she had puncture wounds in her arm, legs, received stitches in her finger. Animal Control came as a result of MY 911 call. Before, 911 came adopter did call ARR. At that time adopter was told “I don’t believe he did that”, “Why did you call 911?” (which she did not I did), etc. While EMS services were there ARR called many many times I there were many missed calls on the adopters phone. At one point I did answer the phone and told ARR I was taking the adopter to Urgent Care to be treated.
    Elijah did seem very docile and probably is a good dog. He probably should not have been adopted into a home with other dogs especially if he has a food aggression.
    I, my husband, my 12 year old daughter and other neighbors witnessed the result of the fight, attack whatever you want to call it. It was very traumatic for the adopter as well as others who witnessed the aftermath.
    I have a 12 year old grandaughter as well as other children. The other neighbor has small grandchildren as well as other elderly visitors to the home.
    We do love animals and in fact have adopted all of our family pets from animal shelters from Ft. Campbell, Ft. Jackson and recently from PAWS.
    I do believe Elijah may be a good dog. I do believe that he should never ever have been placed in a home with other dogs if he in fact does have a food aggression. I do believe in the value of human life. I do believe in loving our pets, animals, etc.
    I do believe in telling a story correctly from the point of what I know and what I did. I am the one that called 911 ~ this was before the adopter even had the opportunity to call ARR. 911 dispatchers are the ones that called Animal Control.
    Please if you are going to use statements from my facebook please contact me and I will give you permission. Thank you and prayers for everyone involved and everyone concerned. The adopter, the neighbors, Elijah, ARR personnel, AC personel, etc.

    • Thank you for your input on the events that transpired that day. It would seem as if we all want the same thing, and that is Elijah’s safe return to the rescue that saved him and nursed him back to life, so that he can be placed in a more appropriate home. Unfortunately that has been made impossible and his life is, once again, in very real danger. Whomever is to blame; the rescue, the adopter, the adopters dog, the city, is of little consequence now, as Elijah is the only one who is paying the price. As traumatic as it was for those involved, it is only another instance of betrayal for Elijah. Now, with people fighting to save a dog who has felt little more than neglect from humans, he is being ripped away from the only people that have shown him love and compassion. He should be released to Animal Ark, especially after they worked so closely with Ms Ramsey who begged for the chance to adopt him, she should be ashamed of her decision to keep him from them.

  • No one is faulting anyone over calling 911, everyone is okay with the 10 day quarantine(for both dogs) What’s not okay is everything that came after that.

  • Do unto other living things….

  • no words can express this dogs been thru enough pain and sufferin wish i could do more to help

  • It seems that putting down innocent animals is the only thing these fucktards know how to do, How about you don’t kill him and get up off your asses and aggressively try and find him a home!!!

  • The Lexus Project immediately. They have a FB page. Time is of the essence.

  • What the HELL is wrong with these people? If they are doing this to Elijah, I will bet you a month’s salary they’re doing something else to animals in their “care”. They need to be arrested and the animals need to be removed from here. Period.


  • It astounds me that all they want to do… owners, former owners, rescue places..Most of them just want to put dogs, cats, horses etc. down. Please, Let Him Live !!

  • No animal deserves to be neglected and starved like poor Elijah. He has served his sentence. Give Elijah a chance :)

  • This so-called Animal Control shelter is
    more like a Nazi death camp!!
    I quickly signed, warning Animal Control to release
    the poor pooch to Ark Rescue or face felony criminal
    charges of animal cruelty!!!
    I’ve also warned them that I’ll report this abuse
    to INTERPOL and they’ll run a thorough investigation
    and hopefully shut that so-called shelter down and
    bring the abusers to justice!!!

  • If my dog were suffering in that way, I’d put him out of his misery. That is the humane thing to do. All this carrying on may make all of you feel great standing up for a “cause”, but all you are doing for the animal is prolonging his suffering.

    • Elijah wants to live, and if he’s still willing to fight for his life, then so are we. We dont want him to suffer, we want him to enjoy life, a life that Animal Ark was fixing him up for.

  • Animals have souls and love unconditionally….. humans could learn a few things from them!!!!!!!!!!! Please spread the word and help!!!

  • It’s been confirmed by someone who says that they saw Elijah today that he IS at AC, not in a wonderful treatment facility as the mayor has been spewing in response to the questions being asked. The same person said that someone from 2nd Ave. Vet told him that the vet had seen him today. An AC employee apparently said he was eating and drinking well and in good spirits.

    Now…take this all with a grain of salt. I have no idea who the person is that said they saw him today, and that he’s “fine”. I’d really like to believe it’s the truth, but given all that’s been said, I’m not sure what to believe. The mayor JUST told me tonight that Elijah had been transferred to a “wonderful facility where he was getting the care and treatment he needs”, and yet someone’s saying he’s at AC today too? Hmmmm…. The city has some explaining to do.

  • pit bulls are not human aggressive! i will admit as a pit owner that they are animal aggressive. if the animal control was worth a damn they would just take this case into consideration and adopt him out to a family with no small kids and no other animals. I have done this several times with pits i have found. I HAVE EVEN GONE SO FAR AS TO STEEL SOMEONES DOG I FOUND BEING ABUSED!!! If this guy was treated as bad as he looks like, then sure he aint gonna put up with no other dog near his food. Once again a good example of a BAD DOG OWNER!

  • Please Free Elijah!! This poor dog just wants to be loved and fed. If I was Elijah, I would be food aggressive too if I was starved!! Pit bulls are the most loyal dogs that you will ever find.

  • This poor starved dog needs to be RELEASED BACK TO ANIMAL ARK SO HE CAN GET THE CARE HE NEEDS. I hate most shelters as they are dirty, cruel and have people working there who ARE NOT and I say NOT good, loving and caring. GIVE ELIJAH BACK TO ANIMAL ARK AND DO IT NOW!!!

    First of all I have to say that it wasn’t very smart to let Elijah out of their care. He was not fully well and he should not have been made to deal with another animal that they had no history with.

    Having said that. SHAME ON YOU ADOPTER. Come out and tell the truth NOW…Save Elijah. Your lies are getting a dog killed.

    To the animal shelter….DOUBLE SHAME ON YOU. STOP THE POWER PLAYS AND START THE HUMANITY! Someone wants Elijah….let them have him.

  • It will never cease to amaze me how cruel human beings can be to not only each other, but to helpless animals who depend on them. They should be ashamed of themselves for their cruelty!!!

  • PLease free Elijah ,and don’t play God , people can have control and abusive it because they can who ever is the person who denies Elijah freedom need to go behind bars too in the kennels, just because we can how is this feel ? USE COMMONSENSE FOR GOD SACK


  • Poor pup! These people are sick and just want to hurt this animal to prove they can!

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