Great dane CAT, now at Georgia Animal Control.

Below are two images I screen-printed today, while checking out the Columbus Animal Care & Control website. Pictured below, is one of the strangest looking cats that I have ever seen. Dsh is short for domestic short hair, and according to the staff at Columbus Animal Care & Control, the cat you see below is a Tabby… As you can see, the same photo was uploaded twice, and there are two Tag numbers (these animals are never given names), #392 and #395.

As one friend said when I shared this image on facebook, “Maybe they r trying to pass it off as a cat so they can sell it to bio corp after they kill it”. And yes, Columbus does do that. They sell Columbus cats to biocorp for dissection/experimentation.

Then there’s this one… too bad there isn’t any photo, because I’ve never seen a Great Dane Cat before!

Under the facebook image, one volunteer said jokingly, “Very rare breed; make sure you get there early to get your name on his or her card“, and one of my dane-loving friends said “We’ll take it!”. Another friend said “Columbus Georgia animal control only hires the cream of the crop. Most of us radicals would have never been able to identify a Great Dane CAT.”

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if city officials proclaimed that this is part of their “creative marketing”, a la Bob Robbins from PAWS Humane, who “donated” a puppy for a silent auction. The sad fact is, these are pets. There could very well be somebody looking for their tabby cat, or their white poodle, but mistakes like these cost lives.

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  • Seems not much has changed lately. I heard they’re not even doing Petfinder anymore. Is this true?

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