Happy dogs, back in their happy homes!

I am constantly surprised by the amazing life-saving efforts of Columbus’ own network of animal lovers and rescuers! I truly love this time of year, and today we were blessed with THREE very happy endings… and the day isn’t over yet!

It was November 7th, when my friend Ashley, who had been helping me host the off-site adoption events, had her own Pomeranian, Kahluah, go missing. She posted this photo of Kahluah to her facebook page that day. A few days later somebody mentioned that a tan female Pomeranian was listed on Columbus Animal Care & Control’s website, but unforunately it wasn’t her. Sadly, the trail ends there, and Ashley had not heard anything else about Kahluahs whereabouts… until today!

Miraculously, almost five weeks later, Ashley saw this ad in the newspaper, “Found female Pomeranian off 54th st” (Ashley lives off of 54th st!) but Northside Animal Hospital (NHS) is closed on Sundays, so she posted this pic to one of our rescue groups on facebook. Brandi, a vet tech for another animal hospital said “I think this is her kaluah, I know a girl that works there and she just sent me a picture and it is VERY similar!!!!!!!”. Brandi had to get Ashley’s phone number from another rescuer, and called Ashley right away! Finally Ashley got back on facebook and said “IT IS HER OMG I’M SO FREAKIN EXCITED! YAYYYYY! THAT JUST MADE THE REST OF MY YEAR!!! :D THANK YA’LL SO MUCH!!!”


In another case of amazing networking, somebody posted to Happy Homes the other day, that they had seen a black lab on Fairview Drive, very close to my house. I mentioned that my neighbor lets his black lab wander around his front yard and all up and down the road, despite the cars that FLY around our very dark and winding road… and annoyed by my irresponsible neighbor and SOMEBODY pooping in my front yard/driveway area (even on our front steps, once. Who does that!?!), I naively assumed it was probably my neighbors dog.

This morning, my friend Brenda posted to Happy Homes, a photo of her friend’s dog, Sam, a black lab wearing an aztec-style collar who also lives in my neighborhood, but had gone missing yesterday. I told her about the black lab that was spotted earlier, and felt bad that I assumed it was the one I usually see, but Sam’s owner was going to contact the person who originally spotted the dog. Under Brenda’s post, one person said “I think he’s found – saw an ad on Craigslist for a found black lab dog on macon/reese rd..called her and she’s going to check it out now=)”. Here’s a screen shot of the Craigslist ad she was talking about… I’m not sure what exactly happened next, but the important thing is, Sam is safe! His owners got in touch with his rescuer, and we can clearly see that networking saves lives!

Referring to Happy Homes, one person said “Thank you to all!!! This site works and is a god send!!!!” Brenda said “AWESOME!!!!!!! This community is freaking amazing…”

Finally, and for the cherry on top, my friend Mindy has been fostering dear sweet Bella Canolli for months. When she rescued her from Columbus Animal Control, she was emaciated and scared. She recieved a wellness exam that determined her to be about 20 pounds underweight, but Mindy did an awesome job getting her back into tip-top shape, showing her lots of love, and working hard to find her forever home, you can see Bella’s progress in her very own photo album. Bella had a short stint with one adopter, but it didn’t work out and Bella soon returned to her foster mom. Mindy shared Bella’s profile on Craigslist all over Georgia, in an effort to find the perfect family for Bella. Then she shared this photo today, of Bella waiting patiently to meet her potential furr-ever family.

They drove down to meet Bella from Athens, Ga (an over three-hour drive), and both Bella and her foster mom really liked the new family! I’m sure it will be hard for Mindy to see her baby go, but Bella will soon be settled in to her new home, and with her new family, and just in time for the holidays!

So Merry Christmas to Bella, to Sam, and to Kahluah! I wish every pet in Columbus could have such happy endings when they are lost, mistreated, or discarded. There are so many incredible animal lovers out there, it’s hard to remember that when we’re constantly reminded of how “irresponsible” Columbus pet owners are. Truth is, we want to save these animals. Every one of them!

Please join us for a Candlelight Vigil to honor and remember the lives of the pets killed at Columbus Animal Control, and keep an eye out for No Kill Columbus, GA’s full page ad in Wednesday’s edition of the Ledger-Enquirer!

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