Too busy killing them, to worry about finding them homes.

Isn’t this just the cutest little free-spirited dog? He looks like some kind of jack russel mix, with sort of a longer snout, maybe a young adult, I don’t know, I never met him, but he looks like a cool dude, chasin’ after that ball… I’d like to

take a moment to personally thank Holly Matthews Photography, Antevasin Photography, and T&C Pet Photography, and any other photographers that have donated their time to help save the pets from Columbus Animal Care & Control in Georgia.


This dog was killed yesterday, because nobody saw the beautiful soul that we see above. How could that be, with volunteers taking such beautiful photos and the Mayor’s wonderful Save-A-Pet Program? Well, these photos never made it to the website. They were taken over a week ago, and according to the photographer, were sent to Animal Control at least 4 times. Instead of using any of the photo’s she had taken, here is a screenshot of what the city had on their website:

Note, there is no sex listed, and there is no age listed. Now… I can tell an approximate age of a dog or cat by looking at their teeth, and I hope that the staff is trained to do that as well. Ok, maybe the dog was acting “aggressive” (I highly doubt it, and believe the staff often mistakens fear for aggression, but I’ll play this game), then fine, you couldn’t get an age. But sex? You can’t even tell what SEX the dog is? This dog doesn’t have long or matted hair blocking your view, anybody could tell what sex the dog is, even standing 10 feet away. I swear, I’m going to make a very detailed poster, like the diagrams in the doctors offices of boy parts and girlie bits… but for dogs. In the meantime, I will call the city’s contracted vet tomorrow, and request that she hold a course for the staff on how to identify the difference between a boy dog and a girl dog. Most of the time the staff will at least GUESS, often incorrectly, but this time they didn’t even bother doing that, and just left it blank. Way to go save a pet.

And here, we’ve all been thinking “Great! They’re asking for photographers!”, how wonderful! It would seem as if they’re doing that just to shut us up, because it certainly isn’t so they can use the beautiful photos that are being taken! In fact, they even go so far as to tell the photographers that they can’t share their own photos on any social networks, until the shelter gets around to updating their own website with them. In this instance, that never happened. Sure, that violates all sorts of rights, but we’ve seen plenty of evidence to prove… if you question their authority, you will only create a hostile environment, and if you keep it up you will be “fired” from your volunteer duties. Intimidation, retaliation, contempt… it doesnt create a pleasant atmosphere, and it certainly doesn’t encourage future volunteer participation.

Guess what folks, things are NOT ok at Columbus’ Animal Control, and these animals do not have to die. The staff is still doing hardly anything to get them out alive, and hardly anything has, and will continue to be enough, if unless something changes and we make the decision to stop killing. This is not good enough. Columbus could be saving a LOT more animals, we are capable of so much more. If this city had a compassionate director, this laziness would not be tolerated because it is costing lives. It cost this dog his life. He was healthy, and he was highly adoptable, and they chose to kill him. Rest in peace, little guy.

No Kill Advocates continue to keep pressure on the city to implement the No Kill Equation in it’s entirely. It is the only method proven to end the uneccesary killing of homeless pets, it IS a solution, and it has worked in over 30 communities in the US alone. No Kill News tracks and reports on successful No Kill Communities and those that are striving for a No Kill status, by saving 90% or more of their homeless pet population. It is possible to save them, and it can be done anywhere, yet despite Columbus’ growing support for life-saving changes, city officials choose instead, to kill. There is no accountability, and there is no transparency.

I encourage you to ask for answers. Why arent the photos being uploaded? Why arent they providing even the most basic of information about their impounded animals? Why aren’t they utilizing DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS that continue to donate their time, energy, and emotional well-being getting to know and trying to save these animals? Why do they continue to kill, when saving them is well within our reach?

Columbus Animal Care & Control Website
Location: 4910 Milgen Road
Columbus, Georgia 31907
Drale Short, Special Enforcement Division Manager (Animal Control Director)

This dogs photo has now been added to the RIP album on facebook.

12 Responses to “Too busy killing them, to worry about finding them homes.

  • I am so saddened by this ..such a needless death.

  • I know it’s probably a futile effort, but I’ve emailed both the mayor and Drale Short…again. Things really need to change here. There’s no excuse for laziness when lives are at stake.

  • Human laziness will be the death of this world.

  • Such a sad thing to see such a loveable dog be “put down”. After seeing these pictures I instantly fell in love with this pup and knowing that he is no longer with us saddens me to no end. The fact that they couldn’t tell his sex just shows how much they care. I could tell by the second picture in the story that it was a boy.

  • This behavior is disgusting and you should be ashamed of your selves.

    Porr excuses for human beings.

  • Sounds like the way Henderson, KY will be if/when the Judge Executive Hugh McCormick gets his way of separating animal control and the Humane Society. They are working great being combined now and working to save as many lives as possible but once they are split, animal control will be run by inmates, NO adoptions, will take in stray dogs only for minimum hold time then euthanized. ALL cats euthanized as soon as they are taken in, and no owner surrenders, which means they will become strays to be picked up and euthanized. They will not show any pictures of any available animals because they won’t have any adoptions.

  • I have done volunteer photography for my local shelter and they GAVE ME the passwords to download photos and descriptions and I also am an administrator on their Facebook page. Why would this be an issue? Why the need for secrecy?

    Cooperation by all parties is needed, rescue should be a team effort.

    • Columbus Animal Control remains shrouded in mystery. They wont release the number of animals they kill without a formal Open Records Request, and even then we’ve come to pick it up and they’ve said that it isnt ready. They dont use an appropriate sheltering database, and wont switch, so any changes to the website have to go through the city’s IT department, or be done by city employees ONLY. They finally started a PetFinder account (after months of saying that it isn’t possible, or too much work, then closing a volunteer-run account claiming its because it wasnt being kept us to date), but if you search Petfinder now, you will see animals that have already been killed, and there is no information provided about their personality or temperament. This is in a city whose Mayor is claiming to have “the most progressive shelter in the state”, with her very own “save a pet program”, which includes a Comprehensive Adoption Program. You can see how well its working, and she claims that Save A Pet is modeled after the No Kill Equation, leading the city to believe that everything is fine, and us “Animal Rights Activists” are harrassing her… See previus blog to learn more.

  • That’s awful. They should be fired.

  • How sickening and how typical of so many municipal shelters today. Unless there’s a galvanizing event, like what happened in Chesterfield SC shelter in March 2011, the community goes about comfortably numb thinking things are well at the local house of horrors aka the local shelter.

    What happened in Chesterfield SC in March 2011? Animal control workers took dogs across the street to the landfill and SHOT them dead then buried them. The 22 dogs that were supposed to go to rescue that day were all missing! One fearless rescue lady got a shovel, went across the street and dug up 2 before the local sheriff ordered her off the property. Wouldn’t want that secret to get out, now would we! Well it was too late.

    Pictures were taken, the press call and for the next 6 months animal welfare people stayed on the sheriff like white on rice. They never gave up. A blog went up within hours of the atrocity, people facebooked it, a demonstration was held at the state capitol and the press stayed on it.

    Five months later the 4 AC men were finally fired. A month after that the sheriff threw in the towel, cried uncle and GAVE THE SHELTER BACK TO THE COUNTY. Now they’ve got a wonderful director in there and last I heard the “save rate” is around 90%.

    The point here is that any area can do this but you need to get organized. Do these things:
    1. Get a blog up about the shelter. Come up with a catchy name to your blog.
    2. Get the press involved. Find an animal friendly reporter.
    3. Hold peaceful demonstrations (get a permit if you need one)
    4. Use craigslist; it’s great for spreading the word to people who aren’t already in your rescue network.
    5. Use facebook.
    6. Don’t be afraid of retaliation. Can things really get any worse? No, they can’t. You can always sue them if they retaliate.
    7. Publish the names of all shelter workers.
    8. Get those shelter statistics and put them on your blog.
    9. Attend all county commissioner meetings and everyone sign in to speak at every meeting.
    10. Get the names and contact info of all county commissioners and publish those on your blog.

    As one comment said above, rescue should be a team effort. Yes it should but it starts with the shelter director. When you’ve got a sadistic, uncaring person holding that position, nothing will change until the people in the community demand it. It can be done.

  • I met this dog, he was something like a cross between a Jack Russell and a Basett Hound. He was not aggressive, and he was a PUPPY!!! He should have at least been given a chance, but that is just one more example of how uncaring the staff and the employees are. The AC officer working last weekend was seen dragging another dog and yes the same one that previously did the same thing. This place is just unbelievable.

  • This sentence from the article really bothers me:
    “In fact, they even go so far as to tell the photographers that they can’t share their own photos on any social networks, until the shelter gets around to updating their own website with them.”

    A photographer is obviously taking GREAT photos. Someone at the shelter is obviously ignoring them. Photographers, publish your pictures to everyone you know. Don’t allow the shelter to dictate who or when you can share YOUR photos.

    Keep documentation of who, what and when. If there’s ANY retaliation from the shelter for networking photos trying to get these dogs adopted, go after them on a Section 1983.

    Come on guys, you’re dealing with bullies. Bullies are cowards. You don’t have to take what they’re dishing out. Fight back and they’ll back off. Start with the shelter director. Go after his/her job. You can not back down.

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