From Left to Right, Megatron, Sonny, and William, at about four weeks of age.

Fosters! And other pets!

Sonny is a little tabby kitten. He and his brothers, William and Megatron, came to me late August. They were part of a litter of 5 kittens that were rescued from Columbus Animal Care and Control by Animal Ark Rescue. I started the trio on the Milk Replacer and wet food that they so desperately needed, and they grew up quickly. William and Megatron have both been adopted, leaving Sonny, the Tabby, here to soak up all the attention. I have two adult Orange Tabby boys, Potato we got in 2008 as a kitten, and Cash we got in Feb 2009, as an adult. Sonny and Potato have been best buddies. Potato would be there at the door when it was time to come out, ready to groom them, always willing to play with them, and I often find them sleeping together.

I think Sonny will grow up to be a pretty good sized cat, his paws were always pretty big for his body, but he may grow into them in time. He’s what is called a ticked tabby, referring to his markings, where every individual hair is ticked, and he has stripes on his legs and face. He’s been neutered, and is up to date on his Rabies and FVRCP vaccines. While I’m sure he’s been enjoying his time in his foster home, Sonny is ready to find is Furr-ever family!

Sonny is a GREAT bug-catcher! He’ll take care of any bugs that manage to get into the house – that’s one thing my cat Potato has taught him well. He really likes catching bugs, he has a high prey-drive and loves to play with toys, especially his wand toy (a toy attached to a pole by a string). He’ll attack your feet if they move while you’re sleeping, and has been known to swat at my eyelids as I’m waking up – this boy is sure to keep you on your toes! He’ll need toys that you can redirect him to if he starts playing too rough, or another feline friend to rough and tumble with him.

The entire litter was very social since the beginning, but Sonny has always been the trouble maker – he is fearless. He is confident and will challenge and play with other animals. He was the first to climb the carpeted cat tree, he was always the first one to explore, he is a very curious kitten, active, but he’ll still lay on you and he wants to be near somebody. He loves being groomed by my other cats and will most likely bond with another feline, and probably a cat-friendly dog. He’s pictured below with my cats Potato on the left, and Cash on the right. He just wants to be loved.

Sonny has never been outside, he’s an inside-only cat and should stay that way. When he’s tired, he’ll find the nearest cat, dog, or person to snuggle with and he loves to have the back of his neck massaged. He did fine when he was given a bath, I’ve trimmed his toenails two or three times with no problems, but he does not like being restrained and he’ll struggle to get away.

*****ADOPTION UPDATE****************

The status of the dogs I’d mentioned before. From left to right, Brown Pittie – ADOPTED, Black Lab/Terrier X – TRANSFER to PAWS (Should be available for adoption from PAWS soon), American Bulldog X – ADOPTED, Brown Shepherd/Mountain Dog X – KILLED

Finally, Tag #134 from Run 13 (pictured below), the black Shepherd/Chow X is now called Dolores. She made it out alive! She was pulled by Animal Ark Rescue and I am fostering her. Dolores is not yet available for adoption – she will be spayed and vaccinated, then she’ll be ready to meet her new family! She should go to a home without cats. My cats taunt her, then when they catch her attention she’ll freeze and stare at them… So I’m not comfortable leaving her alone in the house with them. We will be working on crate training, but she’s been sleeping in a baby-gated area inside. We’re working on her house manners like not putting her paws up on the countertops or stove. She can get out of her gated area by jumping over the side of the couch, which she learned she can do as soon as we aren’t looking!

I’m fairly confident that Dolores spent most of her time outside, as that is truly where she seems most comfortable. I don’t let her off-leash in my yard, because she knows she can push right past my front gate, and she makes a bee-line for it each time we go outside. I think she’d be very happy in a fully enclosed yard.

More to come on Dolores’ progress later…

If you’re interested in fostering a dog or cat or litter of puppies or kittens, you can do so for Animal Ark Rescue by filling out a foster application.

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