And the killing continues

Another letter from a life-saving citizen, sent to both Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, and the city’s contracted veterinarian, Dr. Susie Seward, DVM.

Hello my name is _____,

I am a foster that tries to save as many cats and kittens as I can handle. I was involved in the offsite adoption yesterday in front of Body Be 1, and was told that there were kittens that were about 3 weeks old (possibly younger) at animal control that they wouldn’t let anyone take to the adoption site. So I went there last night after the adoption was over and was there until they closed. I tried to pull the 5 kittens that needed to be bottle fed, and was told that I would have to pay 5 fees for the kittens even though in the past if they are nursing kittens with a mother or needing to be bottle fed without the mother they were one price. I clearly could not afford to pull the 5 kittens, and was told that I could get them for one price if I was a licensed group. I was talking to a a staff person yesterday who also assured me that those kittens were not going to be put down and that she was going to make some phone calls today about them.

These healthy kittens were Owner Surrendered Oct. 3rd, KILLED Oct. 4th, 2011.

Well the kittens as of today are not in any of the cages and had been put to sleep. They had a home last night and they would rather put them to sleep because they wouldnt let them go for 1 fee, rather than save those 5 babies lives who were perfectly healthy. That just breaks my heart, and I can’t understand why anyone would put them down after they had a place to go.

I just wish something could be done about these horrible things that are going on right now at animal control, especially when some of these animals have/had homes and people are promised that some of these animals are not going to be put down which is clearly a lie. If the people working at animal control do not care about saving the animals then clearly they need to find a new career!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am happy to share with you, that this letter was addressed with the following response:

From Teresa Tomlinson
“If this is true, it is in clear violation of our city’s policies.  It will be investigated and if substantiated disciplinary action is likely to occur.  Thank you for reporting this.”

We will see within the following days how this is dealt with, and I will keep you updated.

If you want to join the conversation and speak up for the animals in Columbus, join us at the next No Kill Meeting this Sunday, October 9th, at Kirkland Memorial Baptist Church (6304 Lynridge Ave). The location had changed, so it will NOT be held at the public library. I hope to see you all there!

25 Responses to “And the killing continues

  • This makes me sick I hope the Mayor will put a stop to this ones and for all. This is happening to many times.

  • I am seeing things like this happening way too often … I understand that there were 5 kittens but if someone is willing to take the time to bottle feed and give these babies what they need then the issue shouldn’t be about money. I have called times before and left messages about an animal placed there with no response what so ever! It seems to me that its time to place these animals in the right hands … the hands of people that truly care and will work to try and place with loving families.

  • I have heard horror stories about animal cruelty and abuse at the “dog pound” all of my life and, sadly, it still continues today. I see that nothing has changed and that horrible things are still going on!

    The killing of healthy, adoptable animals is both morally questionable and a terribly dysfunctional system. And, when a system is dysfunctional and is being exposed from the outside (as No Kill Columbus is doing to Animal Control) the level of dysfunctionality increases becoming more deeply entrenched, and the system operates frantically to continue with “business as usual”. This is what is happening at the pound. Examples are the kitten killings rather than letting a foster family take them to safety; and, the abusive behavior against the defenseless dogs who were then killed. (Talking about betrayal!) As things change, tensions will increase and greater frustration will occur among staff. I fear that more animals will be abused and killed.

    Any staff that does not fully support the No Kill/Save A Pet program and work only within guidelines will need to be replaced.

  • According to pg 17 of the Mayor’s Save-A-Pet program it states…

    The cost of adoption is $15 for animals that are four months of age or
    younger and $25 for animals over the age of four months. There is also a
    $50 spay or neuter fee where a voucher is issued unless the animal has already
    been sterilized.

    So if that was the case you should have been able to get ALL 5 kittens for $75.00 and not pay $65.00 per kitten!!! That is totally unacceptable!!

    • Foster families, rescue groups and TNR for feral cats should not have to pay anything to get an animal out of the pound. Is the pound charging for evey doomed animal that gets out alive? Even the ones they would most likely have killed anyway! This is crazy! I didn’t realize they were doing such a thing! Tell me if I misunderstand. The purpose of No Kill/Save A Pet is to get the animals out, not make “pay up or die” profits off volunteers from the community who already pay taxes to keep up the pound! Who is in charge of the daily implementation of Save A Pet at the pound? It sounds like no one’s in charge.

      What does Winograd say about charging for animals being rescued and cared for (at owner’s expense)? I read Redemption but I don’t remember. Please answer, I am appalled! The 3-week old kittens should have automatically been handed over to foster care.

  • Licensed Rescue Groups are supposed to pull free of charge. And although a foster program is a part of the Save A Pet Program, it has yet to be implemented for the animals still in the care of the Columbus Animal Control Center. Any rescue that pulls an animal is responsible for the cost of vetting and spay/neuter before they can be adopted, unlike an actual “adoption” from CACC which includes a s/n voucher. If a samaritan “adopted” a litter of kittens for one price, they will only recieve one s/n voucher. It sounds like the author of this letter was terribly misinformed, and there was a miscommunication between the staff – WHICH COST THIS LITTER OF KITTENS THEIR LIVES.

    • Stephani,

      Thank you for the information.

      When will the list of foster families be implemented and called when needed? When I fostered in Sacramento, CA, I took not ready for adoption pregnant mothers, nursing mothers and kittens under 8 weeks of age. I feed them and most often provided veterinary care beyond requirement – all out of my pocket with no help and none expected. Then, when the kittens were old enough for adoption, I either took them back to the shelter or adopted them out myself, all monies going to the shelter. The cats and kittens and the shelter all won.

      Fostering is the easiest program to implement and very effective in saving lives right in the beginning. Does Animal Control see something wrong with fostering? What are their requirements? Does Animal Control really want to implement Save A Pet?

  • I hope they are running a help wanted ad at the shelter. Seems they will need some new employees soon.

  • I would have to agree with the above posts. These kittens not only had this offer to take them to safety but also another offer to take them as well and they killed them anyway. The Save A Pet program is definitely not the No Kill Equation at any level. I don’t even know why they are calling it the Save A Pet program when clearly nothing has changed except for us being able to do off site adoptions and the fact that they have to make a couple phone calls before they kill an animal. The one my friend got yesterday never made it to the web site and never had any exposure even after being there in isolation for 10 days for a small wound on his leg. His time was up and if I hadn’t known he was there he would have been killed without even being given a chance to be adopted. This same citizen called and tried to ask them if they had this dog and they didn’t even return her phone calls.

    • I can’t help but notice that “Save A Pet” uses the singular, indicating that it is a timid, small-scale, dip-a-toe-in-the-water type program at best, or a smokescreen for continuing the status quo at worst. The No Kill Equation could also be called the ‘Save ALL Healthy and Treatable Pets Program”. BIG difference!

  • …if someone who is RESPONSIBLE and is willing to take on the care (veterinary and postnatal feeding), and try to find these animals responsible, loving, forever homes, there should have been NO FEE assessed to the willing party. It is sad that a non-profit organization would rather spend the money to euthanize animals than to try to save the lives of said animals. it’s not about making money, it’s about animal welfare. SHAME on these people!!!

  • ok no council will do anything about this..kill shelters will keep killing..but you know what we can stop it by having animals neutered..why don’t the council fine people who can’t be bothered to neuter their animals….?….I can’t stand having to read these stories day in day out..I’m tired of telling people to neuter but they don’t care…am sick of seeing kittens sentenced to die…kept is filthy places and never loved..but you can’t get rid of shelters while people are still allowing cats and dogs to breed constantly…tackle it at the beginning break the circle.

  • Business as usual at America’s Pounds! Untill Citizens Demand Change These Atrocities will continue in our own backyards!! This would be a time to consider Picketing and letter writing!!

  • All animals at shelters need to have a chance to be adopted. Every effort should be made by the shelter staff to make sure that this happens. If they cannot do their jobs right in the first place, then they need to be fired. We need to have better laws set up in Canada and the United States so people cannot get away with this kind of abuse. Enough is enough already!!!!!

  • I went to Animal Control TWICE yesterday hoping to adopt a small dog or puppy. I walked in at 10:05 am when someone finally decided to open the door. Two women from a rescue absolutely took control of the building. The employees ONLY listened to, catered to, help out these 2 women. I left and returned a few hours later. No rescue people there but still…GOOD LUCK finding an employee willing to help and knowledgable about the animals. I left and went to PAWS and quickly adopted a puppy. They were eager to help and knowledgable about the animals. AC acted as if helping me adopt was an imposition on their time. Lots of folks doing very little work was my impression, other than the inmates who were working.

    • The women they were helping were probably from PAWS. They have first choice of all animals…unfortunately

  • come on guys, do your job. the rite way. saving lives of the voiceless.


  • i love kittens & cats & dogs i’ve always wanted to work at a place taking care of them. people like those that work there and kill for no reason should be delt with in the same manor they should never be allowed to work at places like that. if they have no respect for animals they sure don’t have any respect for people. i need to know where is this place cause there will probably have some job openings for all new staff.

  • OH how I wish I could be there to vote in the next election if the Mayor does not do something… However I do have friends there, I will watch and pass the info along to them.. Lets hope some heads roll for this awful / almost criminal act … Maybe the punishment should fit the crime.. b/c it IS a crime .. These people DO NOT belong in the service of any government job where our tax money is paying their salaries.

  • I am disgusted by the shelter’s actions. The director as well as the person who actually did the killing should be fired. You are not suited for this job. You have no compassion, love of these animals and no kindness in your heart. You’d be better suited for working in some meat processing plant. I hope the citizens of your town make sure you are fired and if there is justice pursued there then you should be prosecuted and go to jail for the crime you’ve committed. I sure hope you won’t get a good night’s sleep for a long time for the crime you’ve committed. Shame on you.

  • this is so sad……..this is something that is happening everywhere not just in columbus ga … and it is sad……….someone needs to speak up for the animals…we are their voices now….and it is time for this behavior to STOP and now… and it is time for everyone to speak up…for the innocent animals who are also GODS creatures………

  • Why do these so called shelters hire people who actually seem to enjoy killing? Is this why thses people search out these jobs, instead of caring for and giving these precious animals love they so desperately want and need. Firing is way too good for the people responsible, but it is a start!

  • Omfg, I am livid!!! Who is responsible for this kind of behavior when CLEARLY they had a home???!!! Idiots!!! Whenever this kind of crap happens its high time that some ppl be removed from their jobs!! Everyone gets too damn caught up in the fees and loses themselves to the freakin paperwork, & all that garbage, then eventually you have mix-ups because…DAMN PPL…you lose the
    whole point and focus to whats going on!!! Screw the fees, the precious little ones shouldnt have lost their lives OVER YOUR STUPIDITY

  • Mayor Tomlinson have you done anything about this yet? Somehow I doubt it. Does the person who writes all of you replies realize how uncaring the letter sent out sounds. If this happened?…..Really….You think someone is just making these horrible stories up for the sake of what????? Come on get your head out of the sand and do the right thing. How would you feel if you lost your pet and our animal control picked it up. Are you sure (not knowing of course that it was your pet) that our animal control employees would treat your pet differently. I think you and your poor pet would be in for a huge let down.

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