Note to self… do test strip first!

Yesterday was my first attempt at dying a dogs hair at Flea Flickers, where I work as a Dog Groomer. The idea was to use our shop dog, Dexter (a white standard poodle), to celebrate the new SEC football season by showing his support for Georgia, with a red helmut and Georgia logos on his body. First, I used “Wicked Red”, which was NOT red at all!

Note to self… follow directions and do test strip! Dexter was pretty upset that we turned his hair PINK! Next was “Vampire Red” – closer, but still not quite. Poor Dexter, as a male poodle, he has a hard enough time with his identity. He was a good sport about it though!

Dying a dog’s hair is harder than it looks (having hair color that actually turns out the way it says would help) but we’ll get the hang of it. It’s pretty fun, and I’ve already got loads of idea’s for cutting designs into his hair. Tomorrow we’ll be adding some orange to his head-poof, hopefully that’ll help get it to a more red-looking color. The Georgia stencil is ready - stencils of any design are pretty easy, but keeping the dye in the right place and rinsing it out without it bleeding into the rest of the coat is the hard part.

We’ll be purchasing Dawn Omboy’s Queen of Color DVD set to help us in this new adventure, and will probably need some more dogs to experiment on… if you’re brave enough! More photos to come, as we get him finished up!

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