PETA advises Columbus Mayor, “Just say NO to No Kill!”

According to yesterday’s follow-up story, Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson has recieved a letter from PETA, a group that one would THINK would be in support of saving the lives of our homeless pets. Following the uproar that ensued after WRBL aired their investigative report on whether or not Columbus is up to the No Kill challenge, the Mayor came out to say absolutely and unequivically NO.

Mayor Tomlinson “presented a letter from PETA, or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, that she says claims to caution against the extreme “No Kill” organizations. She says they have told her that the organizations have failed in several states and says if you take reckless steps to get to a “No Kill” shelter, you end up being inhumane with the animals. “

This may come as a surprise to PETA supporters, but as always, one must to the research before supporting ANY large multi-million dollar organization. As with the Humane Society of the United States, and the ASPCA, only a small fraction of the money donated actually goes directly toward saving lives or supporting No Kill shelters.

Perhaps Mayor Tomlinson feels a special connection with PETA, since they have so much in common. Columbus Animal Control kills healthy adoptable animals and throws them in our landfill. In 2005, two PETA employees were charged with felony animal cruelty related to killing and dumping the bodies of dogs in a North Carolina dumpster.

“In May and June 2005, Ahoskie, North Carolina police officers found the bodies of dozens of dogs (including some puppies) stashed in a dumpster behind a grocery store. In the course of their investigation, the police staged a stakeout and observed two people in a van with PETA written on the side dumping animals into the dumpster.

The two individuals, both PETA staffers, were arrested and indicted on 21 counts of animal cruelty, 3 counts of obtaining property under false pretenses, and 7 counts of littering.

A few days after the arrests, local authorities told Greenville, North Carolina’s WNCT-TV News they had found more than 70 additional dead animals that may be connected to PETA.”

The Center for Consumer Freedom reports that “PETA Killed a Near Record-Breaking 95 Percent of Adoptable Dogs and Cats in its Care During 2011″. Using the Freedom of Information Act, they learned that in 2011 PETA recieved 1,992 animals, of which 34 were transfered to other agencies, and 24 were adopted out. PETA’s “Animal Record” filings for every year since 1998 from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services can be viewed at

It’s all enough to make you sick. And yet according to our Mayor, it’s Columbus’ pet advocates that she is wary of. WE are networking to save these animals, WE are hosting THEIR offsite adoptions, WE are in there writing temperament notes about the adoptable animals because we have actually spent the time to get to know them, but WE are the one’s she needs to keep an eye on…

Again, Mayor Tomlinson says “if you take reckless steps to get to a “No Kill” shelter, you end up being inhumane with the animals. “ as if those are the ONLY two option. Apparently she hasn’t considered taking the careful YET EFFECTIVE steps of the No Kill Equation, which despite PETA slandering remarks, HAS proven to produce a 90% of more live release rate (meaning they were reunited with their owners, went to rescue, or were adopted).

At you can see on the right-hand side bar, a list of communities that have successfully achieved No Kill status, as well as those working toward saving 90% or more of the animals they take in. Columbus, Ga in nowhere on that list, although we have been mentioned on the website several times.

PETA’s letter to our Columbus Mayor comes as no surprise to seasoned No Kill advocates. PETA has been fighting No Kill efforts tooth and nail since it’s implementation in NY. Nathan WInograd, creator of the No Kill Equation and author of the ground-breaking book REDEMPTION, has a great blog, “Who loves PETA?” which explains why.

“Dog killers love PETA. So long as the dog killers call themselves “animal control,” “humane society,” or “SPCA.” Nationwide, animal control directors who would rather kill dogs then save them using readily available lifesaving alternatives and who are under scrutiny from No Kill advocates working to reform their shelters can count on PETA to come to their defense. It seems the worse the shelter, the more PETA rallies”

“Cat killers love PETA. Not only do shelter directors who kill cats despite readily available lifesaving alternatives love PETA for the same reason as those who needlessly kill dogs do, but those who want all feral cats rounded up and killed do too.”

“People who want to scapegoat and kill all Pit Bulls love PETA. When anti-Pit Bull advocates introduced legislation in Indianapolis to make it easier to kill Pit Bulls, PETA urged them to go further and ban them outright. Just kill them all!”

Mayor Tomlinson needs to re-evaluate her leadership technique. She has blindly followed everything Drale Short (Special Enforcement Division Manager, “head-honcho” at Animal Control) has been spoon-feeding her since she was hired into office. Drale Short, who was already fired from that position and replaced before, and has absolutely no interested in improving the state of our current sheltering system. Now Tomlinson is going to blindly follow the advice recieved from a corrupted “Animal Rights” organization who vehimently opposes No Kill efforts, those are efforts to NOT KILL ANIMALS!

In spite of all this, one thing is clear. The entire country is listening. They are watching. Defenders of the status quo are threatened by us, because we aren’t going to stop until we see some real change.  Listen up Mayor Tomlinson – You’re not fooling anybody. Grow a backbone, think for yourself, and DO SOMETHING to save these animals! We THOUGHT you were an animal lover, we THOUGHT you would help the homeless pets of Columbus. We were all wrong, and it’s the animals that pay with their lives.


8 Responses to “PETA advises Columbus Mayor, “Just say NO to No Kill!”

  • Great blog as always, thanks for always telling it like it is. And the picture of the cat almost made me spit out my drink when i saw it!!! LOL!

  • You’ve brought to light so many things, Stefani.I really don’t think we’d have any knowledge of No Kill or Nathan Winograd if not for your determination and hard work. You knocked heads with many, but that’s a good thing in this case. We didn’t get to the point you had hoped for which frustrated you and all working towards the same goal. However, you lit the fire that has gotten things started. I’ve never known of animals adopted at ACC. I’ve never seen the animals advertised on a website. I’ve never seen volunteers working at ACC. I’ve never seen off-site adoptions carried out away from ACC. There are more, but I think you probably already are aware of many of them. Hopefully someone or some will take over when you go and the movement will not die down. The energy is certainly there. You just have to know how to get people to change(it’s a shame, but true). I have so enjoyed knowing you and being made aware of all that you have provided. My donations to certain organizations have ceased as well as well most of my respect. I wish for you and your husband happiness and the best of luck out in California. Keep us updated with some postings on FB and continue the blog because I’ll still be looking for it. Sincerely, Linda

    • Thanks Linda, Columbus’ pets are fortunate to have so many people looking out for their well-being. I’m proud to have been a part of Columbus’ No Kill efforts, and what with Mayor Tomlinson bringing national attention to the state of our sheltering system, I’m confident that they can not possibly continue this nonsense forever. I’ll write blogs for Columbus when I have the facts, and trust me when I say that there are things happening. Columbus has a lot of very smart people that know what they’re doing on our side, and a lot of very passionate people that simply won’t take NO for an answer!

  • Really Mayor Tomlinson,
    PETA? Do you know who they are? have you ever followed the crazy things they do? They are CRAZY!!!!And you would take advice from them….I just dont get it. Can you say one term mayor….This will seal your political fate……as it should.

  • I am absolutely astounded and appalled I would have thought a group like PETA would support NO KILL shelters. Thanks for the information. I certainly know that I will be putting my donation dollar somewhere better spent.

  • Be extremely skeptical of ANYTHING you read from “The Center For Consumer Freedom” and its several affiliates. They are NOT a non-profit interested in animal welfare. They are a front for lobbyists who work for the interests of the restaurant, tobacco, alcohol, and agribusiness industries. They have actively engaged in smear campaigns against many of the more-well known humane organizations in order to mislead people, using disinformation to protect the financial interests of those they represent. They even try to discredit Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Do a little resesearch, follow the money, and you’ll find out who the “CCF” and their affliates (, etc) really are and what their agenda is. It is most definitely not a source to be trusted. Doubtless, PETA, ASPCA, and the HSUS all have policies that some of us may disagree with, but they are not the “radical” groups the CCF enjoys painting them as. Their only interest in in the almighty dollar.

  • Shame on Tomlinson and shame on PETA.

  • I never even heard of these things you are saying about PETA…or any other animal rescue organizations. What’s wrong with them? I do believe the green back might have a lot to do with it. People love $…and PETA is no different, nor does it sound like they even really care for animals. If an organization is preaching one thing and doing another, they need to be exposed! Thank you for your information…it will make me think twice about certain organizations that state they are there for the animals, but truly are not…PETA should be ashamed!!! Teresa Norman

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