Rudy, the Red-Nose Pit Bull

Star Columbus Pets and Buzzard’n BigDog are on the road again, this time covering even more road than before, but I couldn’t resist sharing one story in particular. This charming little red and white pit pup, known only as “Tag #172″ at Columbus Animal Care & Control, just made the over one thousand mile trip from Columbus, Georgia to his new home in Massachusetts!

From what I was told, this sweet and adorable boy’s owners somehow knew that he was there, but could/would not pay his impoundment fee to get him out. I don’t know any more than that, and we can’t assume that they are terrible people – not when it isn’t unheard of to see upwards of $200 fines to get your pet out of Animal Control. But, either way, this boys photograph made it’s way onto the internet and somebody fell in love with him. Location didn’t matter, this boy needed a home, and somebody was willing to give him a GREAT one!

His adopter has other rescued dogs, two from a New England rescue that also pulls from the south, 5 rescued cats, and is also a certified wildlife rehabilitator. I’m confident that this boy is going to be loved for the rest of his long and happy life!

I especially loved this photo taken as he was being chased around the yard by one of his new pack members - you can just look at that smile on his face and see that he’s happy to be alive! She had this to say, “Thanks so much for getting this absolutely  precious boy to me! He is doing wonderful and surprisingly well behaved! He is excellent with sit and minds me better than my older boys! LOL   I’ve been getting a lot of pressure to name him Rudolf the red nosed pit! Though I hated it at first, I have to say “Rudy” is kind of growing on me and it just kind of fits him. I am so used to getting older rescues that already have names they are used to that when it finally comes time to pick a name I like I’m all at a loss, because of course, all those cool names ya pick out just don’t always fit once you meet them and their personality comes into play! Ha!”

It looks like he’s going to have a wonderful first Christmas with his new loving family!



5 Responses to “Rudy, the Red-Nose Pit Bull

  • Look at Rudy running! I love it!

  • Rudy has made himself quite at home here! All 3 of the older boys love him and he’s a happy healthy boy who’s going to have a very Merry Christmas this year! Thanks so much once again for EVERYTHING! Love him to death!

  • Deanna thank your for saving him… he’s adorable!!!!!!!!

  • This is a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it. I also love the expression on his face as he’s running. What a great life he’ll have!

  • Rudy is such a pretty female APBT.She reminds me of my RED NOSED male named CHAMP.If you would like to see a picture of him, visit my website at

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