SWAT’s that? You’d like that to-go?

A friend of mine was having dinner with her fiance’s family, and one of them is in the Columbus Police Department. They got on the topic on animal control, and he started talking about the “protestors”. She said, “Wait are you talking about viagra soft tabs

“http://buzzardnbigdog.com/?p=1694″ target=”_blank”>the Vigil?”, and he said that they had to bring SWAT team in and that they were sitting in a van in the woods behind AC just in case. He said any time they have to bring in SWAT they have to feed them and so they ordered them pizza but had to cancel the order because it was over before the pizza got there!

This would be hilarious, if it weren’t so tragic. To see our city treating this group of animal lovers like this, it shows that they truly have NO IDEA what it is that we are here for. Despite the words that come out of our mouths, despite our actions – networking, and independently saving as many animals as we can, despite us BEGGING them to let us save them all, they treat us like criminals. They refuse to commit to life-saving alternatives that have already been proven to work, and they refuse to be open and transparent about what they are doing – i.e. KILLING, unneccessarily. It is unneccessary to kill a litter of kittens because they are too young when there are people willing to “foster” and bottle-feed neonatal kittens and at least give them a CHANCE at life. It is unneccessary to kill a small owner surrendered dog, because “there is no space” when you intentionally keep half of all cages empty. It is unneccessary to kill animals with owners looking for them, but these things are happening. This is Columbus, and this is what you’re tax dollars are paying for.

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  • I recently have rehomed 4 kittens in less than 24 hours to great forever homes. The kill rate at this facility is abominable considering the number of people here waiting to help and begging to do so. It’s a damn shame! I’m glad they had to cancel their order, clearly the city is run by complete morons who have no idea what we’re trying to do and don’t care to take the time to find out. They would rather just assume we’re crazy, radical tree huggers there to make their lives difficult.
    It’s a sad statement for this city to make and the citizens should be irate at what it’s doing with their tax dollars.

  • You’re absolutely right, Stefani. It would be funny(if not unbelievable)if it weren’t so tragic. The examples you give in this blog and have given in many other blogs and posts prove your point that “they just don’t get it”. I understand that some people have been and are very passionate about the issue but I’ve never heard or seen you or any of the others in this cause call for any kind of violence. There are those who have expressed their negative opinion of the mayor, but I doubt she was there or that her life was in danger during the vigil. Who knows why Columbus does anything? I’ve lived here all my life and I can’t explain alot of what goes on. I will tell you that “politics” plays a huge part of how things get done and the other half of the equation is “money”. Obviously the mayor has decided not to be a part of positive change at ACC so you can just forget her participation. But you did get her involved enough for her to turn on you and the rest of the rescuers. You did not bend to her wishes and you became like a “thorn in her side”. I bet you never even knew that. Weren’t trying to be irritating and pushy? Must have felt that way if that much law enforcement needed to be present for a “candlelight vigil”. Get the mayor all upset and then she passes that on to ACC and they quit being co-operative with you. Of course I’m not justifying her attitude, just explaining how I see why that owner surrendered small dog wasn’t held a little longer when there were empty cages it could have been housed in. Don’t try to make sense of nonsense.

  • I was told by someone that “you can’t fix stupid” – guess they are correct in that statement. Keep up trying to make positive changes – if you could only get someone who cares about the ill treatment and needless killing of the animals – someone who isn’t afraid and has some clout. Best of Luck!

  • This time Stef although all your blogs are eloquent this one hits the proverbial nail on the head!

  • When I started reading this article I really thought it was a joke!!! Pa-lease– Animal lovers are the nicest people you will ever meet. It’s the ones that seem to enjoy killing you have to be wary of….Why else would you kill when there are empty cages??? And what gets killed first—anything that even looks a little bit like a Pit Bull.It’s well known they are the first to go even though everyone that we have come in contact with and fostered or adopted have been one of the sweetest breeds ever!!! One man’s trash is another mans treasure… All we want is to give these poor lost,dumped,abused dogs and cats a fair chance to live and be loved.Sometimes I feel like I’m running into a brick wall, BUT one day it will crumble if we have to take it down one brick at a time!!!

  • Our tax dollars at work. NOT.
    Good job Columbus!

  • So much for the “30-day” challenge of not being negative. That lasted all of…ONE DAY!
    First it was AC, then the Mayor and now the Police Department…where does it end?
    Let’s look at the issue with the presence of the Police Department at the vigil. First of all, anytime a permit is issued for any type of protest, vigil or assembly of individuals the police department will be present. They are there for the protection of the participates of the gathering. They manage any traffic issues, parking issues and any other safety issues that may arrise. Since this event was opened to the public and anyone that wanted to attend, well the police department had no way of knowing if 20 or 1000 people would participate. They had to plan for anything. The Police Department has a responsibility to the public to serve and protect everyone and that is just what they were doing. To be critical of their expected efforts is to be ungrateful.
    As far as the SWAT team goes. That is just rumor. I do not know if they were there or not, but I trust the Chief of Police enough to know that he did what he thought was best. This may have been a good opportunity for some additional training. There may have been some concern due to some of the past Facebook postings. Whatever the reason, I will put my faith and trust in the knowledge that he made whatever decision he made in good faith.
    From past experiences I can tell you that it only takes one idiot to cause alot of trouble and heartache. So I will continue to support the Police Department in their efforts and in their decision to have a strong team at the vigil.
    I am so dishearted by the consist negative tone and now to have that anger aimed at the Police, who work to protect us everyday – well I just feel ashamed and embarassed that a very worthwhile cause now has this criticism attached to it.

  • And one more thing…that pizza delivery comment is too ridiculous to believe. What are they going to do? Call up some pizza delivery place and tell them to “deliver to the van parked in the woods full of guys dressed in black and heavily armed, behind Animal Control”. I am not stupid enough to believe that little addition to the story.

    • Patsy, you must not have read my reply on my last blog correctly. I said nothing about agreeing to your 30-day no-negative comment challenge, but did like another reader’s idea, to accept that challenge when the city goes 30 days without killing.

      Yes, the “story” I shared is only hearsay – I don’t have any physical PROOF that SWAT was there, nor is there any proof that SWAT was NOT there. Until some proof presents itself, it remains what it is, simply a BLOG, about something I was told, which can be interpreted by the reader in any way they choose. Nothing more.

      This same thing happened when I expressed my disappointment in the questionable video of US soldiers cheering on a man while he repeatedly beats a sheep to death with a baseball bat. My husband is in the US Army, and I know that the majority of soldiers are respectable and honorable men and women, many of whom have been through horrific experiences, but that doesn’t mean they should be exempt from accountability and criticism. In fact they fight for our right TO criticize, and to express our own opinions, which I am thankful for everyday.

      I didn’t say anything to attack any Columbus police officers, or even doubt that they do their job well (I’m sure the SWAT team would have done an excellent job of disarming and diffusing any terroristic activities at this candlelight vigil…) but again, this blog is a place to share my own opinions, as well as a forum for you to share yours. I do suggest you start your own killing apoligist blog to defend the actions of our city, I assure you, I would subscribe.

      You are right in your comments about losing focus from the animals. This event is only one small part of the bigger picture – the city is not open to the change we want to see at Animal Control, and they choose to continue killing rather than fully implement the programs and services of the No Kill Equation. That, you would be foolish to deny.

      I think Valerie Hayes said it best, when she shared this blog on the No Kill Revolution facebook page, “Columbus, GA sure knows how to deal with Extremists and show that it really has no understanding of the issues–call in the SWAT Team for a candlelight vigil. Congratulations to backers of the regressive killing paradigm on wasting even more taxpayer money to maintain the status quo.”

  • This story has been confirmed by several officers within the CPD, including the Pizza!

  • Gruesome to mention here, but just wondering. Money always seem to be the bottom line. After euthanasia, is the AC reimbursed for the animal remains? I read where sometimes labs and colleges receive them for experimentation. I think it would be interesting to see how much they are reimbursed for the remains versus what they could potentially take in for adoption fees.

    • I don’t believe Columbus Animal Control is paid for animal remains, but may actually pay to dispose of them. I do know that the bodies go to our city landfill, but am not positive as to whether or not they actually pay to do so.

  • The Cats are going to a Lab in NC which pays about $ 5.00 per cadaver.

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