Stating facts

This information can also be found by visiting The Facts, under No Kill Columbus. All numbers used below were given to me by Columbus Animal Care & Control.

Rescue Transfers - 648
Owner Reclaim - 620
Adopted – 340
Killed - 6643

The pie graph above illustrates the outcome of all dogs and cats entering Columbus Animal Care and Control over the 2010 Fiscal Year, which was July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010. You can see that 80% of the animals that entered the building didn’t make it out alive.

This is where I tell you what I think. I think that only 7.8% going to rescue is abominable. A lot of people believe that most of the animals at AC go to PAWS to be adopted, but as you can see that clearly isn’t so. Currently, PAWS and Safe Haven are the only rescues “approved” by the Animal Advisory Board to pull these dogs and cats free of charge (Safe Haven rarely, if ever, pulls from ACC), which means the animals can NOT be transfered out to say, a purebred rescue or any other rescue, despite them having a Rescue License, or whatever the heck it is that they need to prove they are legit. Other rescues can’t save animals, if unless PAWS helps out by holding the animal temporarily so the rescue can get the dog from PAWS. Sounds good, right? Well, not when an animal is scheduled to die that day and you can’t get ahold of anybody, and not when the effort on PAWS part means extra work in their already busy day. Sure, they might be able to help, but why do we need them to? We need EVERY Rescue to be able to pull from AC when they are able and willing to save lives, without having to be presented to, and approved by the Animal Advisory Board, which can take months since they meet but 3 or 4 times each year.

Below you can see one indication of our recent hard work, this line graph shows the number of animals adopted, and the number of animals killed since October of last year. No Kill efforts really began in January, and while we are still early in the year, it’s clear that adoptions are way up, and the number of animals being killed is way down.

If were were to take the number of animals adopted from the entire 2010 fiscal year (340 cats and dogs), you can see that thanks to our efforts, in only ONE MONTH, almost one-third of that number (104 cats and dogs) were adopted in March alone.

Also worth mentioning, but not included in these graphs, during this past month of March, the number of pets that were returned to their owners has seen an over 200% increase from 41 animals in January and 40 animals in February, to 93 animals returned to their owners in March! This indicates that more pet owners are becoming aware – if a pet goes missing, there’s no time to lose.

If we could only increase the number of Rescue transfers, then continue to increase the number of Owner Reclaims, and increase the number of Adoptions (two down, one to go!) then we will an even greater decrease in the number of animals being killed. It’s that simple!

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