What excuse will they come up with next?

First, Columbus Animal Control claimed that they wouldn’t be using the *donated* Kuranda beds during the winter months because the cement floor has geothermal heating. Well ain’t that a hot load of dog crap – when I went inside one of the kennels and placed my hand on the ground… it was not surprisingly COLD. As cold as Drale Short’s heart.

Then they said that the dogs urinate and defecate on the beds. The dogs urinate and defecate on the cement floor that ACC is forcing them to lay on. At least with the beds, which many do NOT urinate and defecate on, they have another surface to lay on when the floor is covered in pee and poop. According to the Kuranda website, these beds are “Easy to clean and deodorize”

They said that the dogs chew on the beds. Really. One of the Kuranda beds features is their “Patented, chewproof design”. Kuranda also sells replacement parts for those pieces that the dogs manage to damage.

Then today, this was sent to the volunteer that set-up the Kuranda bed donation account.

From the Kuranda company,
“Some bad news… Drale from the shelter called and insisted we close this donation account since the city/shelter didn’t technically open it (urghhh) and the runs are too small for beds ( 2′x4′). I tried to suggest smaller size beds and/or fleeces which she/they may consider, but for now I’ve inactivated this account at her request.
Thanks for trying to help the animals, you are a person after my own heart (I’m a foster mom in NJ with many Georgia babies passing thru here).
Take care,

Now they won’t use the beds because they’re too big for the runs! Who do they think they’re fooling, honestly? The photo below was taken at Columbus Animal Care & Control… Tell me, Does THIS look too big to you?

FACT: The doors to these kennels open both IN & OUT. If the bed is too big to open the door IN to the kennel, could they not simply swing the door OUT?

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  • Another interesting issue, Stefani. PAWS has been using the Kuranda beds for as long as I’ve been working with them-way back at the old place(small runs). I don’t know what size beds they had, but the dogs generally chose the beds to the cement. If they became soiled in any way, one of the staff cleaned them. It didn’t happen all that often and many times was just sprayed down. Every once in a while, they might have to take the bed out of the run and clean it outside if it was especially dirty(rarely). I think I saw one once with a rip in the fabric. The way the beds are constructed it’s difficult for the dog to get to the fabric and the pvc pipe used for the frame is not exactly easy to pierce either. In other words, I’ve never seen one destroyed or even substantially damaged since I’ve been working in the shelter environment. To my knowledge, nothing else even comes close to the beds. Other companies have tried to produce similiar products but I don’t think anyone has matched the quality. Oh, but you said the excuse now is it’s too big. Now I remember. Frankly, looking at your picture and there’s another in one of the albums, I can’t quite buy that argument. Besides, my biggest problem with the whole thing is that ACC allowed those beds to be purchased. I know that they know what they are and how big they are(and that they come in different sizes) and that they don’t come cheap. If they had a doubts about whether they would be practical or not, they should have made that known from the start. If they told the people “don’t buy them, we won’t use them”, then I can’t understand why they were purchased. If they didn’t tell the people that, then I can’t understand why they’re acting so childish now. They may well be getting orders from someone higher up on the power chain. Why did the mayor act as though she was interested in the concept of reducing the kill rate and promoting adoption of the ACC animals if she was going to start backpedaling as soon as the group began to take actions? Do you have any idea what the next roadblock will be?

  • How in the world can they use the excuse the runs aren’t big enough? Clearly, that’s not the case from your photo. Additionally, I mentioned on FB I remembered them requesting the beds and found the quote on the FB page from September 7 where they specifically stated they were getting the measurements of the runs and that they appreciated any donations, including these beds:

    Columbus Animal Care & Control Center
    We are getting the animal run dimensions for the kuranda pet beds!
    ***Sizes needed will more than likely be medium and small, due to the fact that they will need room to get down from off of it and “Do their business”!!!***
    Thanks in advance for any bed, toy, treat or food donated!!!
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    • Thanks Angela! Also, this photo shows only ONE side of the kennel. Through the opening, on the other side, is another area of the same size with NO bed where they can “do their business”.

  • There is no way a dog or cat will not get in a bed instead of a cement floor. I have a dog and 2 cats and recently have fostered several kittens and cats. They were in my bathroom with tile floors. They slept in the bathtub with fleece blankets got out only to eat. My dog was crate trained and then she had her bed. She doesn’t mess on her bed! I’m tired of all the excuses people use to hurt animals. There are so many people that love animals that are willing to donate. I have old comforters, towels anything to keep them warm.

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