A big Fatt success!

So, to follow up on my last horrible post about all the kitties whose lives were taken unnecessarily  last weekend, I wanted to share Fatt’s story.

Fatt was an Owner Surrender to Columbus Animal Care & Control. His owner wrote that he is a sweet guy, and a couch potato. At the bottom of the card she wrote “Please find him a good home :)” Yes, with a smiley face. Now a lot of people get angry at these pet owners that surrender their animals, but let’s look at how our Animal Control is being portrayed by the city.

With the Save A Pet Program, according to Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, “Now pets will only be put down if a vet says they need to because they are sickly and in pain or by court order for a dangerous animal.” Well that certainly sounds nice, too bad it’s a bunch of BS. Some owner surrenders are still being killed without ever making it to the website or being made available for adoption. It’s no surprise that it seems like the number of owner surrenders has actually INCREASED. Luckilly Fatt was one of the fortunate ones.

Fatt was taken to offsite adoption events Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. By Saturday, he was showing signs of an upper respiratory infection – clear nasal discharge and open mouth breathing. Fatt’s adoption fee was sponsored, he had a free office visit and fecal examination, plus an antibiotic shot also sponsored to help him get over his URI, but still nobody could take him in. He had somebody interested in adopting him, but bringing a sick kitty into a home with resident cats wasn’t an option. All the vets were closed so he couldn’t be boarded, and everyone else considering taking him in already had cats and couldn’t take the risk. We were networking like crazy, sharing his story on multiple facebook pages. Sick cats do not fare well at Animal Control, and owner surrendered sick cats, even worse. It was with a heavy heart that he was taken back to Animal Control.

The next day we were checking the website hourly, Fatt was still there! Then his guardian angel (aka an animal rescuer!) appeared and offered to get him, take him to the vet, and keep him until he got over his URI, but Animal Control is closed Sundays and doesn’t open til noon Monday, leaving WAY too much time for him to be killed. Luckilly our super awesome network of resourceful animal rescuers were takin’ care of business! An animal loving 911 dispatcher was able to get the message to Animal Control, and a note was also left on the door – Fatt has an adopter!

He was picked up Monday and taken to the vet where he recieved his antibiotic shot, and had a cozy place to stay while he got to feeling better. Yesterday he went back in to the vet for his neuter and was picked up by his new mom!

Fatt, now called Romeo, is already settling in with his new feline companions! “Hazel never budged when he got on the chair with her. Precious seems ok with him, just can’t let him get close to her treats. Miss kitty hissed, groweled and snorted at him.  Oscar was very defensive. He’s the sweetest little boy but I guess he’s so use to having to defend himself from Callie. And then there’s Callie… she’s such a bully. In time. At least he likes Antonio.  Snuggled right up to him. Thank you EVERYONE who contributed in saving this little boy.”


Romeo is now living the good life, and I feel pretty awesome about helping to get him there, as should everyone else involved. Saving an animal in need is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever know. It’s enough to over-ride the death and heartache that we see every day that healthy animals are killed in our city’s “shelter”.

So THANKS to Animal Control(!) for allowing this healthy and handsome, and perfectly good house pet make it through the weekend. If EVERY animal recieved the attention and the same effort that was put into getting Fatt out alive, we could be a No Kill Community tomorrow! It can happen.

2 Responses to “A big Fatt success!

  • I am in tears reading this story… I just wish they all could get out of AC and have a home as good as Romeo AKA Fatts has now with Janette… Poor Fatts was so sick at the off site Saturday so many were thinking that would be his last day but he made it to Monday and with the one shot of antibiotics he received he was much better the next day and by Friday he was ready to be neutered.. So many could be saved I just wish….

  • Yeah for Fatt kitty. So good to hear a success story. I have a Dane that was saved from owner surrender at AC. If her guardian angel hadn’t been in the lobby of AC when she was, she wouldn’t be living the good life, too big ,no room for big dogs
    ,yada,yada,yada. Fatt had an angel watching out for him too. Thanks to all who made his story have a happy ending.

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