Plucked from the tree’s…

Nov 16th, 2011 – An EF-2 Tornado with peak winds of 125MPH and an average width estimated to be a 1/2 mile wide, ripped it’s way through 26 miles of Harris County, Georgia. In it’s wake, it left the Harris County Animal Control completely destroyed. Over 20 dogs and cats, and shelter employees were inside when the storm hit, tearing off the roof and causing the walls to collapse, but miraculously nobody was injured.

There was an immediate call to action, and the community was ready to step up and help! Harris County Humane Society, Safe Haven, Animal Ark Rescue and other Harris County residents were all on scene to help, and they were able to place every single animal.

The Humane Society of Harris County took in dogs like “Tromba” (italian for Tornado), and this scared girl who is the mother of the puppies shown below. From their facebook page, “Thanks for everyone’s concern. The Humane Society of Harris County is fine. It was Animal Control that was destroyed. All animals are safe. Cats were the most serious problem. A Harris County resident took 8 home where they will relax for a few days and be evaluated. When this happens and they are vetted we will need foster homes for them as this woman cannot keep them long term. We are proud of our Harris County rescues for the great team work. ” You can visit the Humane Society of Harris County’s website here, where you can make a monetary donation to support their efforts!

Tornado Johnny, Available for Adoption through Animal Ark Rescue.

Animal Ark rescued dogs like Tornado Daisy, and Johnny, who “has made wonderful strife since coming to the Ark Wednesday night. He was very scared and understandably so after being tossed around by a Tornado. Since than he has learned to smile, walk up and down stairs and to sleep inside.”. They also took in 5 puppies, one of which was literally plucked from a tree!

Then more bad news, from Animal Ark Rescue: “Good evening all. As I guess you have now heard, our sweet little rescued Tornado pups have all five been confirmed with Parvo. While this is a very serious disease, it is certainly not a death sentence and we are vigorously and aggressively treating all fivee at our two wonderful vets (Second Ave and Gateway Vet) and are expecting a full and complete recovery! However, as you know, treating Parvo… is EXPENSIVE. Therefore, it is with humble hearts we ask for your donations to help cover the costs of saving these precious angels. As a No Kill Shelter, we provide all treatable animals with the best vet care available. We are a 501c3 charity and your donations are fully tax deductible. Please, if you can, donate to these pups. Every single dime (and I mean down to the penny) goes to the animals. Thank you, and may you be blessed for your continuing support and generosity!”. Visit Animal Ark Rescues website, where you can easily make a monetary donation to help support their efforts!

Luckilly, Vortex, Fujita, Toto, Cyclone and Twister “have survived the Parvo attack and received the ALL CLEAR this morning from Dr LaFranc (2nd Ave) and Dr Jones (Gateway Vet )! And more good news: once recovered from Parvo the animal has a strong immune system against it, and the possibility of ever contracting the virus again is slim to none.”


Check out today’s story by WLTZ about these pups.

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