PetFinder is finally up… sort of…

Remember, Columbus Animal Care & Control shut down the functioning PetFinder account on November 3rd. Well they finally got their PetFinder account up and running… Here is one of the dogs they have available for adoption, listed as “Athena”. Click on her photo to see her adoption profile on PetFinder.

Thing is… the dog pictured above is dead. She has been since they killed her on the 19th, but she’s still online. In addition, she already had a name, it was Sasha. It was given to her by her original owner, who had given Sasha away before moving out of state. The person that they gave her to couldn’t be located, and the original owner couldn’t take her back. I helped Antevasin Photography snap this photo at Animal Control. She was our last dog of the day, and she was one of those dogs that is OBSESSED with balls! I found one for her and threw the ball around then play-chased her for a good 10 minutes before she had to return to her kennel. RIP Sasha.

Check out these two cats, both listed on PetFinder under Columbus AC… they look strangely alike, don’t they? (Again, you can click on their photo’s to read their PetFinder profile.) On the left, standing up, is a Flamepoint listed as “Sebastian – Tag #88″, on the right, another flamepoint this one listed as “Marshall – Tag #88“.

Yes, they are the same cat – duplicates. Two seperate profiles on PetFinder… but the same cat . I guess this would make sense since their own Columbus Animal Control website duplicates animals/images (after all, the Mayor did tell WTVM that dogs are being put into the system twice, and the confusion over dogs being killed on their first available date is because we’re “ASSUMING that is a kill, and it is not”). If the Mayor is saying that they are NOT killing animals on their first available date, she is LYING. They kill them even BEFORE their first available date. The reason may be a simple sneeze – Tell me, can you walk into that dusty, dirty cat room without sneezing?

Why, you ask, do I constantly point out their mistakes instead of trying to help?
I’ll tell you why…

Because people have to know, THEY’RE FULL OF SH*T! I’m sick and tired of the excuses – this is what No Kill comes down to. They continue to make excuses to defend the status quo, they do everything in their power to prevent us from saving lives, to NOT do what we ask, and they are killing these animals. They’ve made their choice. Every time they don’t put a bed down, every day that went by without PetFinder, every time they don’t let us do an offsite adoption, or forcing volunteers to sign a ridiculous contract, or by limiting our time offsite now to only 4 hours, they are CHOOSING to kill them, instead of letting us get them out.

WE suggested PetFinder (formally, in May), they said they couldn’t do it, so WE did it and it worked, then THEY shut us down. They SAID it’s because of this, this, and this, and we suggested ways to get around it and to keep it running while they start their own account. THEN they say it was really shut down because of this other reason and that THEY will be doing it better “because they care about the animals SOOOOO much”, but you can see how much better it is!

What’s funny is this… PetFinder will eventually get going, there will be even more information, including personality info about the animals, and guess who’s going to be doing that? US! Volunteers! I will be inside Animal Control, making the notes about their personalities, encouraging others to do the same, and WE will care enough to get them out of there. Of course, then they’ll take credit for everything we’ve done. This is after the Mayor has BLOCKED us (not just me, but anybody else that has been asking her questions about AC) from her facebook page, they call US liars, while spewing their own lies about what is happening there (when WE are the ones THERE and can see whats really going on), and they’ll continue to vilify Happy Homes and their own volunteers like me and others, and it’s because we’re calling them out.

I won’t apoligize for talking and blogging about what I see. I will quote myself (is that tacky?) from the WTVM article, Residents help support “No Kill” initiative for Columbus pets, written the day Mayor Tomlinson joined us at the Columbus Public Library for a No Kill meeting. I said “We won’t accept anything less than saving all healthy and treatable animals because there’s no reason for them to be killed when there are people out there who are willing to take these animals.” and I stand by that today.

They are CHOOSING not to support No Kill = they do NOT want to see a No Kill Columbus = they want to keep killing.

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The fight for PetFinder continues into National Animal Shelter Reform Week.


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