We don’t want you talking about euthanasia.

This was posted today, 11/04/2011 on the Columbus Animal Care & Control facebook page:

Hello Everyone,

We would just like to give a final notice on leaving posts about euthanasia. It’s sad. It’s horrible. No one likes to think about it. No one wants to do it, But we have to, due to how many animals we take in. We are all trying our best to get these animals into good loving homes, but unfortunately, not all of them can make it out. We have asked several times, that you not leave comments about that on our page. We stated that we would begin to ban people that left rude or derogatory statements anywhere on our page. We want to keep everyone informed on whats going on, but on that same token, we will not put up with anything derogatory or offensive. We are all on the same team, their are no sides in this. What we all need to be pushing for is people spay/nuetering their pets and becoming more responsible owners. Just because an animal is no longer seen on the website, does not mean it was pts. Everyday Animal Control pick up stray animals, they come in with a variety of health ailmants and from time to time they do pass away, So in closing, if you ever have a question about why an animal is no longer listed on the site, please call us at 706-653-4512 and we will be more than happy to assist you. Please understand as we do apologize for the inconvenience.

***Any posts that are negative following the posting of this note will be deleted and you will be subject to be banned, After all, we are posting a note about this very issue.***

Can somebody please tell me, what is rude, derogatory, or offensive about wanting pubic information from our city? They don’t offer the information freely, and get offended when we ask for it. We WANT to help get these animals out alive, and we need facts and figures to determine how to do so, but their solution is, once again, that it’s all the irresponsible publics fault for not spay and neutering (even though it takes WEEKS for an appointment to get a new ACC adoptee fixed, it’s still our fault).

“We are all trying our best to get these animals into good loving homes, but unfortunately, not all of them can make it out.” <~~ They have already made the determination that these dogs are going to die. The animals can’t make it out because they are making it impossible to save them.

All they want to say about euthanasia is this (and nobody else can talk about it)… They have to do it, “due to how many animals we take in”. According to them, “the majority of the animals we receive are stray”, yet they completely ignore the fact that if more effort were placed on reducing intake by using proactive redemption to reunite these “strays” with their owners (part of the No Kill Equation, and clearly outlined here: http://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/MAR.pdf.), we would have a much smaller number of animals needing to find new homes.

So, “there are no sides” but clearly it’s them against the irresponsible public. “What we all need to be pushing for is people spaying and nuetering their pets and becoming more responsible owners.” Well guess what? We are the public – YOU are the public. Yes, there are some people that simply should not have a pet, but most of the general population ARE responsible pet owners, and we desperately want to help. In order to help, we need to know what is happening.



Available for Adoption at Columbus Animal Care & Control, THIS Monday, Nov. 7th when they open at 12pm. Tag #134, you can contact the shelter at 706-653-4512 with any inquiries.

This young lady has been around long enough to know that she doesn’t belong in a high-kill shelter like Columbus Animal Control. She’s a black Lab/Chow X (w/ a black spotted toungue) who obviously spent time as a part of somebody’s family, she even came in to AC wearing a purple collar with no tags. She knows how to sit, shake, and she takes treats nice and gently. She would make a great addition to any home, and would probably be good for a first time dog owner, because she won’t need a lot of work. Don’t let that greying muzzle fool you, this girl still has a lot of love to give, and she deserves to be taken care of! Pease open your heart, and your home, to this big fluffly black dog!




4 Responses to “We don’t want you talking about euthanasia.

  • Way to go, Stefani. They must feel like you’re a thorn in their side. If HH or No Kill have made disparaging remarks about ACC, I haven’t seen them. I have, however, seen requests for not harassing the ACC about the animals. Private individuals, posting on Facebook, are really impossible to control. The whole concept is that people share their opinions and ideas with friends and others. The very fact that ACC made this statement(threat) shows that they are “bothered” by what is being said. If they don’t want to read the opinion or “rants”, I think they need to stay away from this medium. Just as you blog, people are not going to be silenced by empty warnings. I haven’t even been to the ACC FB page(if they even have one) so I may not have read what they are speaking about. The more attention you give to something the more people pay attention to it and that seems to be what they don’t want. Now, to be fair, their job is not an easy one. They are hated by many in the community. ACC has made some strides and some people do jump to conclusions before they even learn the facts(i.e. the Petfinder issue). People do need to behave responsibly. But what ACC and the city need to remember is this is a very emotional issue and those passionate to the cause are on a course to rectify a “wrong”(the killing of animals). I understand concerns on both sides, but, like you, cannot accept the status quo. I would ask you to be patient. These things take time. You’re working with people. But that would be like asking a train to stop on a dime. I’m glad you’re a train.

  • I seen the comment and, I was a little puzzled. Issues with parvo, off-site adoption issues, friend finder, no questions, and what’s next the off-site adoptions will be banned? These animals deserve a chance but, it takes time to find them loving homes. The economy isn’t exactly the best but, to blame the public in general is WRONG! Once MY family decided to get a dog for my daughter.. I had her spayed. She received a chemical burn from someone in my neighborhood and, the vet @ 2nd Ave said it was the WORST ever. And, asked if I wanted to have her euthanized. Absolutely not.. they have pain meds for dogs and, who cares if she has a scar.. she’s still MY dog who deserved a chance. These animals despite what scars whether it be emotional or physical deserve that chance to be loved before a final destination. We are not God and, I don’t believe we should held liable for making those decisions. Granted some are scarred beyong our help.. such as the pitbulls that were in the news recently for attacking police personnel or those who are deathly sick. If there’s a chance then the community “who made this problem” should be allowed to assist withour resistance.

    Live Big, Love Big, Give Big!

  • I am so sick and tired of terms like euthanasia, put to sleep, put down. These words are used to numb the mind of the public from what is being done at AC and serves the pound and it’s employees only. Cats and dogs are being killed. This is either right or wrong. If it is right, then we have nothing to change. If it is wrong, then there can be no reasoned excuses, no moral justifications, is without defense and will never be acceptable behavior again. This is what the No Kill movement is about. People around the world are saying, “The killing is wrong.”

    I have a friend in Florida who says animal controls execute animals. I looked up the word in Webster’s dictionary, and the definitation of execute is “to put to death by legal authority.” I agree with her. Sadly, all of those executed are innocent of any crime.

    I once volunteered for a Humane Society that was just a tiny bit ahead of it’s time. Sure, it was run by a bunch of rich old ladies with that humane society mindset of balls and society functions to raise money to keep the doors open while the rate of killing was more like a slaughter (i.e. to kill in great numbers). But, at least on the cage card, after the cat or dog had been kill, they wrote PTD – Put to Death.

    I know we need the records of how many come in and how many die. And I’m sure they legally have to reveal this to the citizens and taxpayers. Any lawyer could have this exposed and changed. But, I had always heard that the records were such a mess or even non-existent. Maybe thats why they want no one to see them.

  • Has the suggestion been made to have video online access. I sent a note to the Mayor about it among other issues with AC and the reply I received didn’t address video surveillance at all. I also said if we have all this stimulus money can’t they use some of it toward this project ,that is if we can’t get our shelter to be a No Kill Shelter. I know I’m late getting in on this subject but it’s because I just wasn’t aware of all of the problems. Thanks to publishings like this and Facebook,my eyes have really been opened. We all have to continue to speak out. I was talking to my 18 yr/old son about these issues and he said to me Mom do you really think this emailing the mayor and our city council is gonna make a difference? He didn’t think so! That’s where his young age fails him. I want to prove him wrong. And more than that I want the animals that for what ever reason end up at animal control to be given a second chance at having a good life. It’s not their faults that they end up there,that’s all on the humans that let them down. Let’s all stay together on this and keep pushing until we make a difference .

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