Guard Dog? or Guard Cat?

As I was baking Christmas treats for friends & family I noticed my cat Potato, crouched at the middle of our front door, staring at the crack underneath and sniffing the cold air coming in. I stood above him and could feel the cold air at my feet and thought, great. I’m sure hella bugs and those tiny little lizards can just waltz right in through this gaping hole, but Potato is just waiting for them. That’s my boy, potato. He’s got my back, I DARE those bugs and lizards to come in, WATCH what happens just TRY IT, I dare you! Potato does a better job of protecting this house than my giant dog. Honestly, the other day Ramsey was sun-bathing in the corner behind the house so, (naturally) I wanted to see if I could sneak up on him.

I started creeping around the left side of house and I guess before he could see me, he heard me and he got up and went around the right of house, away from me. So I gave up and just started cleaning up some stuff that was layin around back there, when Ramsey starts barking! At me! So I crept right up to the corner across from him and JUMPED OUT at him, I mean I was looking right at him when I jumped out and all’s I see is my giant dog spin around and start running in the opposite direction! I love my boy Ramsey and sure he LOOKS scary… but if it’s protection I want, well… I’m just glad to have Potato around.

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